Image-Line – FL Studio Producer Edition 21.1.0 Build 3713 – All Plugins Edition + FLEX Extensions Rev.2 [WiN x64]

By | August 11, 2023


Release Year/Date: 08/08/2023
Version: 21.1.0 Build 3713
Developer: Image-Line
Developer Site: Image-Line
Bit depth : 64bit
Interface language : Multilingual (Russian is missing)
Tabletka : cured
System requirements:
Windows 8.1, 10, 11 or later (64 Bit)
Intel and AMD CPUs. ARM not supported
The more powerful your CPU, the more instruments and effects you can run
4GB of RAM
4GB free disk space

Description :
Image-Line has released an updated version of DAW FL Studio 21. The program has received the ability to use envelopes for each clip separately, new themes and other innovations.
FL Studio is one of the best programs for creating your own music. With it, you can create your own tracks of any style. The program has all the necessary functions for working with sound: recording, mixing, mastering, and also has a large number of synthesizers and effects.

What’s new in FL Studio 21.1:

FL Studio:

      1. Colored waveforms – General settings option to color code frequency content in audio waveforms. This applies to the Browser, Playlist, Sampler Channel etc.
      2. MIDI Control – New ‘External sync’ mode & improved clock stability. This allows FL Studio to sync to an external MIDI Clock so that it plays in time to an external MIDI clock source.
      3. Automated updates – Option to automatically download FL Studio updates and apply them at the next restart.

piano roll

      1. Snap to Scale – Piano roll option to snap notes to the selected scale on placement or movement. See the note icon on the toolbar.
      2. Menu > Tools > Script – Scripts are Python based that allows custom manipulation of Piano roll data. There are several pre-made scripts or you can write your own. Scripting also includes automatic user interface creation. See the Piano roll scripting forum to share and discuss Scripts.

New & Updated Plugins

    1. Hyper Chorus – Extreme chorus FX plugin, included with Producer Edition and up.
    2. Edison Declipper – New and improved AI-based declipping tool. Can restore recordings that have been clipped due to level issues.
    3. SliceX – Now resizable by dragging the lower-right corner.


What’s new in FL Studio 21:
The main innovation of the update was the ability to integrate envelopes into audio clips. Thanks to this, users can control the levels, fades and other parameters of each clip individually (via the playlist).
It is noted that the imposition of two clips on top of each other automatically creates a crossfade between them. Users can adjust the intensity and length of the crossfade.
The program has new themes with the possibility of detailed customization. It is noted that FL Studio 21 received an updated file browser with tag support, improved search and sample preview function.
The DAW has added a Luxeverb reverb and a Vintage Phaser. The latter offers a set of several classic effects used by Jean-Michel Jarre on the Oxygene album.
Producer Editions and up include a Multiband Delay. All versions of FL Studio 21 have also added a new VFX Sequencer that can transform chords into melodic phrases.
Other changes include expanding the list of supported languages ​​(adding Spanish, German and French) and other improvements and bug fixes.
FL Studio & User Interface

      1. Themes – Change the look of your favorite DAW. Use General Settings > Miscellaneous > Theme.
      2. Project Folders – Use ‘Projects > General Settings’ which opens the ‘New project’ window which can be displayed when creating or saving a new project. This allows you to store all project data in a folder unique to each project, with subfolders for recorded, processed, and sliced ​​audio.
      3. File settings – Added the ability to automatically save every minute (Afrojack request).
      4. Language support – Spanish, French and German, as well as English and Chinese.
      5. Put canceled entries in trash – enabled by default. Otherwise, they will be deleted upon cancellation.
      6. Invert Pencil Buttons – Changes the behavior of the secondary pen button to the primary button.
      7. Alternative Cancel – Now enabled by default when installing on a new computer.
      8. Export – Rendered files are automatically selected in the System File Explorer when the destination folder is opened.
      9. File (menu) – a new ‘More’ sub-menu has been added showing up to the last 50 items.
      10. File support – Apple .m4a audio format is now loaded.
      11. Metronome – separate options for preview track and metronome mixer in sound settings.
      12. New from Template – The menu is updated as templates are added and removed.
      13. Plugin Manager – Some incompatible plugin search paths are no longer allowed.
      14. Options Window – The window has been redesigned to allow for multilingual text, which may require more space. Also allows you to adjust the height of the settings window to fit on screens with low vertical resolution.
      15. Startup – If a startup project fails, the next startup will use the default project (when set to load the last project) to prevent crash loops. The splash screen is hidden when the audio device shows an error so the message can be read.
      16. Support – Crash logs now show Windows version.
      17. Text Entry – Entering long and short spaces is now done with (Alt+Ctrl+Space) and (Alt+Shift+Space).
      18. Touch Controller – Visualize note actions on the touch controller coming from the selected channel when note data is played from the Piano roll.
      19. Enter a value – when selected, additional information about the current value is displayed.
      20. Piano Typing – Keyboard octave for typing can now be changed with (Alt+Num Pad 2–6).
      21. CPU – Improved CPU usage related to mixer processing improvements.
      22. View > Tests – run tests asynchronously.
      23. Debug Log – Display the names of updated browser folders in the debug log.


      1. Audio Clip Fade and Fade Controls – Audio clips fade in, fade out and fade in with optional automatic crossfades.
        1. View – Hold (Alt) to temporarily preview the fade and gain when the “Show fade previews / gain previews” checkbox is unchecked.
        2. Menu – (Right click) ‘Show fade editing controls’ icon to get quick access to fade options.
        3. Snapping – Hold (Alt) to snap when fade marker snapping is disabled, and so (Alt + click) no longer resets fades.
        4. Shortcut – Added (Shift+F) to toggle the ‘Show fade editing controls’ icon.
      2. Adding Tracks – A new [+] button in the Playlist Clip Focus area to add Instrument and Audio Tracks with left and right mouse clicks.
      3. Insert Location – Clips added to new audio tracks are placed at the playhead or within any time allocation.
      4. Drag and Drop – When dragging multiple samples, hold (Shift) to add them sequentially to the playlist. Dragging samples or cloning a track will select it.
      5. Multiple Choice – Supports multiple choices when using the “Clip Menu > Chop” options.
      6. Alert Dialog Box – A track title popup when deleting multiple tracks from a playlist to remind you what’s next.
      7. Playlist and Piano Roll – Removing overlapping clips and notes selected using the “Select > Overlapping” option will remove only the top layers, leaving the bottom one.
      8. Playlist and Piano Roll – clips and notes are now pasted at the playback position (when possible).
      9. Chop – You can now chop pattern and automation clips (under “Clip Menu > ‘Chop’”).
      10. Recorded audio – Added ‘Adjust position of recorded audio’ option to the mixer input delay menu.
      11. Playlist – ‘Punch in / out recording’ markers renamed to ‘Start / Stop recording’.

Automation clips

      1. Editor – A new button below the Automation Clip Settings window for converting automation data into event data.
      2. Warning Dialog – New ‘Don’t show this in the future’ option for warnings about close automation merges.
      3. Merging – can be merged with the fitted curve if an exact merging is not possible, including the LFO mode.
      4. Automatic clip editor – grid lines are thicker for better visibility.
      5. GUI – ‘Add target links’ button (+) pulses when adding links is active (click to start process). Changed automation clip channel envelope grid division to 4.

Channel Rack

      1. Channel Button (Right Click) – New ‘Patcherize’ option to convert current instance to Patcherized format.
      2. Channel Rack – Now scrolls when moving a channel outside of the visible range vertically.
      3. Channel – Shows a tooltip when the plugin replaces the channel sampler.

New plugins and tools

      1. LuxeVerb (All Plugins Edition) is an advanced algorithmic reverb with a “luxurious” and malleable sound that can simulate realistic and experimental acoustic spaces of any size.
      2. Vintage Phaser (Signature Bundle and above) – Inspired and modeled after the Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter™ from the 1970s.
      3. Multiband Delay (Producer Edition and above) – divides incoming audio into 16 frequency bands and allows you to delay each band separately. Great tool for sound design!
      4. VFX Sequencer (Fruity Edition and up) is a pattern arpeggiator and step sequencer designed to be used in Patcher to send note sequences to connected instrument plugins.

Browser (improved)

      1. Tags – click on TAGS (at the bottom) to open more options.
      2. Add to Favorites – Click the star when hovering over the content.
      3. Search – logical search queries. Folder icon in the search box to limit found items to the current folder only. Menu option “’Type to filter” to decide whether the input filters letters or selects elements. Selects the first folder when searching in multi-column views. The search results show folders with the same name. Show full path as tooltip for filtered items.
      4. Locate the file – right-click on the file to highlight it in the System File Explorer.
      5. Tags – (right click) to remove tags.
      6. Tabs – (right click) tabs to enable the ability to individually remember tab sizes.
      7. Multiple selection – multiple selection of elements, including: (Shift+click) and (Alt/command+Ctrl+click).
      8. Content formats – .fxp, .fxb and .vstpreset files are now marked as ‘presets’. .mid MIDI files are marked with ‘score’.
      9. Tabs – new tab options (right click) to move browser tabs left/right. ‘Clone this tab’ option.
      10. Library Tab – Added online content for free and paid downloads. The content will be automatically available to plugins that can use it. Audio Demos – Content Library items can now have embedded audio demos.
      11. Audio Preview – Starting playback from the position of the mouse cursor can now be done with (right mouse button) OR (Shift+click) and mouse hover for precise positioning. Browser menu option ‘Full sample preview’. The sample preview pane shows the Sample Rate, Bit Depth, and Stereo metadata.
      12. New option – ‘Show icons and text on tabs’ to show icons and text on tabs.
      13. Browser – Added ‘Frozen’ option for tabs. When ‘Frozen’, the browser stops saving state (which folders are minimized or not). The ‘Collapse structure’ button acts like ‘restore to frozen state’.

piano roll

      1. Preview – automatic scrolling of the Piano roll when transposing notes.
      2. Mouse Wheel Accuracy – Improved accuracy when editing note voice properties using the mouse wheel.
      3. Piano roll – The selected channel opens when you double-click on an empty sample clip.

Updated plugins

      1. Vintage Chorus – Added support for context-sensitive value input.
      2. Maximus – Grid lines and “Compression Envelope” labels are now more visible.
      3. F LEX – preset changes can be canceled with (Ctrl+Z). The default value for the Master Output volume control is now 100%.
      4. Wrapper plugin – the ability to control whether FL Studio can handle keystrokes (Ctrl + Z) for undo.
      5. FL Studio Mobile – updated to version 4.1.4.
      6. 3x Osc, DX 10 & Fruit Kick – can now be used in Patcher.
      7. Edison – Added multiple selection of Envelopes.
      8. Convolver – Pulse samples no longer have a length limit.
      9. Audio editors (scripts) – Convolver, Edison & Slicex; Python replaces PaxCompiler. Existing scripts have been converted to Python. Scripts now work not only on Windows, but also on macOS.
      10. Editors (synchronous playback) – Move the playback head to any position in the playlist, Piano roll and event editor.
      11. Formula Controller (and other formula locations) – added new operators and functions to formulas:
        1. New operators: fmod – 2 operands (floating point and modulo), 2 operands (shl and shr), bitwise operators (left shift and right shift).
        2. New features: Fold(x) – wave folding operation (x = input signal threshold and gain is always 1.0). Warp(x, y) (Warps the signal “x” around the warp point “y”). Map(x, y, z) (maps x value to range [y, z]. Equivalent to x * (z – y) + y).
      12. Gross Beat – new “Juggling Science” preset.
      13. Audio Font Player – Added ‘Program mode’ parameter to determine how patches are run.
      14. Visualizer – Added new post-processing effects from Dubswitcher.
      15. Visualizer (ZGE):
        1. User Interface – Supports delimiters between parameters in effects. Added a toolbar button as a shortcut to show transparency. Now you can choose which buffer to show in the preview window.
        2. Zip – added custom effects to zipped projects.
        3. Touch Controllers – Keeps the touch controller window in the ‘Add window’ list.
        4. New Effects – Audio Generator (Windows only), Dubswitcher Field Generator, Dubswitcher Dropshadow, Dubswitcher Fast HSV, Dubswitcher Fast Static, Dubswitcher Soft Glitch, Dubswitcher AlphaKey, Dubswitcher Color Shaper, Dubswitcher Inverter, Dubswitcher Jitter Glitch, Dubswitcher Linear Blur, Dubswitcher Smudge, Dubswitcher Solidify, Dubswitcher Starburst, Dubswitcher Whitehole.
        5. Presets – HUD Text can now find fonts outside of the font folder.
        6. “Surface” tab – Added “Surface” tab to make it easier to set up presets.
        7. Images – added export to APNG image format. The .jpeg extension is now used by default when saving bitmaps.
        8. Updated Effect – Added a blending option to the “TextDraw” effect.

MIDI scripts and MIDI

      1. Performance mode – getPerformanceModeState function. Checks if the FL Studio playlist is in “performance mode”.
      2. MIDI Controller ID – MIDI device identification is now delayed until scripts are loaded for the first time.
      3. External links – redirecting help links in the script is allowed (there must be links to the IL forums).


      1. Select All Tracks (Ctrl+A) – This refers to actions that enable/disable track effects and level changes.
      2. Effects bypass – now works for all selected mixer tracks.
      3. New Render Option (Mixer menu) – ‘Render selected tracks to wave files’ (allows you to render selected tracks to wave files).
      4. Mixer – The window no longer opens automatically when creating a new audio or instrumental track.


    1. Installation – Users can no longer save files to the FL Studio installation location. The FL Studio installer will no longer associate the program with .flp files in beta builds to prevent accidental saves in beta builds.

RePack features:
Type: installation
Languages: en, de, es, zh
Activation: patch (Zom)
Optional: themes
Command line options:
Silent install: /S
For example: FL.Studio.v21.1.0.3713.exe /S
The version includes all plugins included in the All Plugins Edition

FLEX Extensions:
  1. Drumful Treasure
  2. Essential Bass Guitars
  3. Essential Guitars
  4. Essential Pianos
  5. Essential Strings
  6. Essential Winds
  7. General Midi Library
  8. Histibe Electronics
  9. Olbaid Bass Utopia
  10. Olbaid Compendium
  11. Saif Sameer Synthwave
  12. SeamlessR Monsters
  13. Sense Gemini Magnificence
  14. SH-1 Floor Shakers
  15. SH-1 Jump Up Repertoire
Possible problems:

► Delete the folder C:\Users\=USER NAME=\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Settings\ Internet

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  10. Jukka

    Same problem here with FL 21.2.2 crack Did you get any help ?? anyone ?? HELP


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