Homegrown Sounds – Organic Breakbeats, Elemental Guitar Loops, Sand In The Sarnies, Frequency Arps (KONTAKT, WAV)

By | March 20, 2023


Producer : hgsounds
Website : Homegrown Sounds
Format : nki,wav
Quality : 16 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Stereo channels

Description : Homegrown.Sounds – These are sound libraries for the musical design of television and radio programs, voiceovers for commercials, films and theatrical productions, as well as for creating original tracks in your compositions from acidic Big Beats to experimentalism in the style of The Residents, from Dark Ambient in the spirit of the music from the movie Eraserhead to Minimal Ambient. This set includes four discs: Organic Breakbeats, Elemental Guitar Loops, Sand.In.The.Sarnies, Frequency Arps.

Content :
01 HomeGrown Sounds Organic Breakbeats:
This Sample CD, Organic Breakbeats, Winner of a prestigious Future Music Platinum Award, Organic Breakbeats is a collection of 950 Original Breakbeats and drum loops, with a distinctively dirt ridden heavy sound. A purposeful collection designed to create a heavy rhythmic core to any production. The loops are suitable for Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Breakbeat, Heavy Dub, Illbient and other Downtempo genres, but can also be used for any type of music requiring heavy rhythms.
02 Homegrown Sounds Elemental Guitar Loops:
Homegrown Sounds Elemental Guitar Loops – This Sample CD is a collection of Guitar Loops, representing many different genres, from ambient effect, strumming chords, rhythmic licks to full on distortion. An extremely useful resource of instant guitar loops. Most loops are natural guitar, but there are also versions transformed into synthetic sequences. All guitar loops are created by Astral Pedestrian of Subsonic Headdub.
This brings a new angle to the homegrown collection, whatever style of music Elemental Guitar Loops can enhance your track, bringing that essential non electronic touch.. The timing is kept intentionally loose, designed to give that extra live element.
03 Homegrown.Sounds.Sand.In.The.Sarnies:
This Sample CD is a sometimes gritty assortment of unpredictable pads and volatile textures, SAND IN THE SARNIES combines a series of dark ambient landscapes, with eruptions of industrial noise and constantly shifting rhythmic elements. Great for composing film scores and creating distinctive moods, the sample CD also contains a wealth of material for strange or dramatic sound effects, making dynamic use of high and low frequency contrasts. Echoes here of The Residents, Hammer Horror, and Eraserhead.
04 Homegrown Sounds Frequency Arps :
Homegrown Sounds Frequency Arps – This Sample CD, Frequency Arps is a collection of 600 ACID compatible loops, designed for dropping into existing tracks to give an electronic edge. The sounds range from harsh electronic phrases to deep bass tones through to delicate atmospheric phrases, with a bit of everything in between. They are suitable for any type of music which is bpm based, and most useful as a library of arps\sequences for dropping an instant electronic feel into any project.
The CD also contains WAV files for use in applications such as Sonic Foundry Acid, Ableton Live, Fruity Loops, pHATmatik Pro, as well as any other application or sampler which can read WAV files. All loops are set to the correct bpm, number of bars, and have correctly set loop points to the whole loop.

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