Heckmann Audio – u-he Filterscape v1.5.0 – R2R (VST, VST3, AAX, CLAP) [WiN x86 x64]

By | September 17, 2023


Release Year/Date : 09/13/23
Developer : Heckmann Audio.
Developer’s website : u-he
Format : VST, VST3, AAX, CLAP.
Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit
Tablet : Present [R2R]
System requirements : WIN 7+

Description :
~ Filterscape 1.5 trio of plugins with a morphing equalizer ~
All three plugins are based on a characteristic equalizer that can smoothly transition between 8 different snapshots.
The frequency and amplitude of each EQ band can be dynamically modulated, even from different sources for each shot!
With a new sleek and forward-looking design, Filterscape has become more attractive and easier to use.

Filterscape FX/Q6 :
2 multimode filters, each of which can be mixed | low-frequency, band-pass, high-frequency and notch.
NEW in version 1.5 | 9 additional analog filters (2-pole, 3-pole, 4-pole).
4-band parametric equalizer with five modes:.
LS-Peak-Peak-HS, 4 Peaks, LP-BP-BP-HP, 4 Bandpasses, Panned Bandpasses.
8 morphable snaps for custom EQ settings.
Modulation options for each EQ band.
2 signal mixers (roles depend on the selected routing configuration).
Stereo delay with independent time for each channel.
2 host-synchronized sequencers, up to 16 steps, mix (slide) control.
2 synchronized LFOs with 8 waveforms.
4 envelope followers.
5 options for routing delay, filter and equalizer signals.
Redesigned + expanded factory library – improved categorization, volume.
balancing, more variety.
Filterscape VA :
2 spectral oscillators with 15 waveform options including wavetables.
Equalizer identical to Filterscape FX, but polyphonic!
Ring modulation, hard synchronization.
Sub-oscillator with 3 waveforms.
Noise generator.
3 LFOs: 1 global, 2 per voice.
3 envelope generators with roll-off/boost and 4 shape modes.
Combo arpeggiator/sequencer.
Multi-mode filter: low-pass, IF, high-pass.
Polyphony, duophony or monophony (retrigger or legato).
2 effects: delay, chorus.
Redesigned + Expanded Factory Library – 200+ new VA presets use new waveforms and filters.
Changelog v1.5.0 :
Filterscape 1.5.0 (revision 15011)
Improvements :
New SVF filters.
Completely redesigned graphical interface.
Added more oscillator tables.
New equalizer display features.
New output clipper.
CLAP support.
Supports the latest versions of macOS Ventura/Sonoma.
Native support for Apple Silicon Macs.
Improved VST3 support.
Updated VST3 SDK to version 3.7.8.
Improved GUI performance.
Improved work with dialogues.
Improved noise behavior.
Implemented a modern preset browser.
The library of factory presets has been redesigned.
Installing presets using drag&drop.
Added additional parameters (pan modulation, LFO frequency, global transpose).
MTS-ESP microtuning support (Mac, Win, Linux).
Added Preferences and MIDI-Learn sections.
Ctrl A/B replaces the fixed modulation of Breath and Expression.
Added Ctrl A/B “Set as Default” option to the MIDI Table page.
Browser: New option to show/hide folders in the context menu.
Browser: Saving search results now works via drag&drop.
Browser: The “Description” and “Usage” fields now scroll when entering text in the save presets dialog.
Browser: Folders can now be dragged onto tag smart folders.
Improved parameter automation in Pro Tools.
Improved latency compensation when scheduling MIDI events.
The registration dialog now removes unsupported characters (such as random spaces).
Windows Setup now comes with an uninstaller.
Windows Setup now remembers the last used options.
Windows Setup blocks installation to the C:\ProgramData folder.
CLAP: Optionally display module names next to parameter names.
CLAP: Supports note expression (micropitch, tone, pressure, pan, gain).
Bugs fixed :
Removed “duo” mode from voice mode selection (never supported).
Removed “keyfollow2” mode from the list of modulation sources (not supported).
Removed LFO on/off switches from the GUI (see special notes).
Fixed: The sequencer could become out of sync.
Fixed: Disabling EQ could route the wet delay signal to the output.
Fixed: Some presets could become silent.
Fixed: Audible glitches could occur when turning delay on/off.
Fixed: The first note of the arpeggiator could play two voices.
Fixed: Clicking could occur in some presets.
Fixed: Trigger reset occurred when loop collapsed (Reaper only).
Fixed: Crash when loading scripted presets (for example, Randomizer).
Fixed: An aborted preset save operation could result in incorrect metadata appearing in the inspector.
Fixed: Using the “duplicate” option in the browser could crash if permissions were missing.
Fixed: The VST3 synth plugin was incorrectly reporting input to the host.
Fixed: Sliding time increased when using a small audio buffer size.
Fixed: Renoise no longer requires the “enable keyboard” option for the menu to work.
Fixed: Dropdown menus no longer require plugin focus to work (Mac only).
Fixed: Problem with loading the init preset immediately after loading the plugin (Mac only).
Fixed: The plugin remained monophonic when using the “Mono > Stereo” option in Logic.
Fixed: GUI glitch when switching to a smaller GUI size (Pro Tools only).
Fixed: Issue with automating parameters with the same name (Pro Tools only).
Fixed: The preset search input field did not accept mouse input (Pro Tools only).
Fixed notes getting stuck when using a computer keyboard to play FL Studio on Mac (VST3 only).
Fixed: Scroll wheel not working on second display under some conditions (Windows only).
Fixed: The installer now scales correctly on high resolution displays (Windows only).
CLAP: No more notes getting stuck when restarting host playback.
CLAP: The audio buffer is now cleared when the host is rebooted.
CLAP: Improved latency change reporting.
Many small fixes and improvements.
Special Notes :
Minimum Requirements Updated | The processor must support the SSE4.2 instruction set.
Support for 32-bit macOS has been discontinued.
AAX and CLAP are only supported in the 64-bit version.

Installation/Registration :
0. Uninstall previous versions.
1. Install Filterscape.
2. Unpack the file “Uhe_FilterScape_150_Patched.7z”.
Replace with our corrected files.
NOTE : The AAX plugin is a wrapper around CLAP.
3.Launch the plugin, register it with the name and serial number from R2R.TXT.

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