Future Loops – Desert Soundscapes (WAV)

By | April 14, 2024


Publisher: Future Loops
Format: WAV
Quality: 16bit 44100Hz

An unusual collection of textures, sounds, immersing you in the atmosphere of the desert. Desert Soundscapes is a mind blowing collection of sounds, filled with hundreds of ambiences and textures that will heal your soul and inspire your mind.

Sit back and relax while we take you to the vast deserts of our planet and unveil the beauty and diversity behind these soundscapes
From the distant dry lands of the Tauhanooke desert, to the sand storms of Pirigutee, let the winds of Babahtuie take you into the Lost Oasis and experience the Rituals of the Sand People.Our top producers crafted these samples with excellence, paying attention to the smallest details in order to give you an extraordinary collection.

Desert Soundscapes is perfect if you want to set the mood on any track or build a whole new world around it. Whatever the music style you’re into, Desert Landscapes will blend right in . The massive textures and soulful ambients will take you to realities no man has gone before.

Due to its epic nature Desert Soundscapes is perfect for film scoring, multimedia needs or contemporary electronic music. The sounds are amazingly rich and you will be instantly absorbed into their deep, vast sonorities.

Check out Desert Soundscapes and don’t forget your turbant home !

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