Fracture Sounds – TRAILS v1.0.1 (KONTAKT)

By | July 11, 2024


Publisher: Fracture Sounds
Website: Trails
Format: KONTAKT (6.7+)
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Violin and Cello Textures + Granular Synthesis Experience the world of violinist and composer Alexander Parsons with his collection of evocative soundscapes and string textures. This collection of unique performances also includes an incredibly rare table piano with Faulkner dulcichords and a newly developed detailed synthesis engine.
The Fracture Sounds team collaborated with composer Alexander Parsons to develop a set of instruments and sounds that embody his textural approach to composition. As an accomplished violinist with a background in electronic music, this collection of solo strings, synths, and unique performances showcases the full range of Alexander’s palette and tastes. The solo strings in this library focus on long and short textures that can be combined to create tension and movement. Articulations are expanded thanks to an all-new granular engine, creating a huge range of possibilities and blurring the lines between acoustic and electronic performance. Like Zen: Meditations, this library also contains overlay layers, but this time the Fracture Sounds team and Alexander Parsons have collected 28 synth sounds that can then be combined in thousands of combinations using additional effects.

Trails is designed to maximize sound exploration with minimal effort so you can focus on writing music with an inspiring array of sounds. The centerpiece of this library is the solo textures for violin and cello recorded by Alexander Parsons and his frequent collaborator and friend Joe Zeitlin. Eight of Alexander’s favorite and most frequently used articulations were recorded in the same dry studio space in London that we used for Dan Keane’s Petrichor library.

Dry Space allows for more effects to be used within the instrument’s presets and as part of our all-new, detailed engine that transforms sounds into mesmerizing textures with endless possibilities. Returning is our Lo-Fi and Delay effects found in Hemisphere Ambient & Cinematic Guitars, which when combined with reverb and 16 unique atmospheric layers can transform original acoustic recordings into a spectacular underlay of wavy textures – what Alexander calls Trails. Our newly developed Granular engine combines the knowledge and experience of the Fracture Sounds team with Alexander’s methodology for working with granular effects on his modular setup to expand the sonic palette and create truly unique compositions. The engine is a culmination of carefully selected sounds found throughout the library and offers a variety of control options, as well as the simple ability to shuffle all the parameters and let the instrument determine the direction of the sound for you.

The original sounds can be swapped, modified, and customized using the controls available in the interface, rendering the original text unrecognizable and creating the level of randomness and inspiration that Alexander craves in his writing tools.

The Fracture Sounds team and Alexander Parsons have put together 57 presets as a starting point for those new to granular synthesis. These presets are also found in basic form in the Lightweight folder for those who require higher CPU performance.

Additional Information :
16 String articulations and textures
28 Synthesizer recordings and performances
Incredibly rare table piano with dulcichords
57 Detailed Presets
Articulation switching and custom articulation settings
Layer engine
Granular synth engine ARTICULATIONS:
Emergence – Long, thin sustain.
Flickers – Long sustain with delicate tremolo texture.
Divergence – Long sustains that β€œdiverge” from the central note.
Ricochets – Shortest string articulation – great for fast playing.
Short Swells – Very short dynamic bursts.
Stutters – Repeated and random ricochets.
Reflections – Long turns in folk style.
Deviations – Whistling harmonic texture with emphasis on bow noise. MIX
Each performance was recorded with multiple close and room microphones and combined into a single mix ready for broadcast. The raw mix can then be combined with three atmospheric layers created by the Fracture Sounds team and Alexander Parsons.

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