F9 Audio – F9 Forte Evolution: Redwood Club Piano (KONTAKT)

By | September 29, 2016


The Acoustic Piano is an incredibly hard instrument to capture and until now all piano libraries have needed a great deal of additional processing to fit comfortably inside the power of a modern club or pop production. with FORTE Evolution this has all changed.The F9 FORTE product line is also about delivering the Chords and we’ve added more than 190 Piano midi files recorded with the Redwood Piano . These are not simple 1 bar loops and over 140 of them contain entire chord sequences for you to use, mangle, chop and abuse. They come without quantise for maximum flexibility and feel . Obviously the beauty of mixing Midi with sampled instruments is that these files will work at any tempo and can easily be transposed.

1152 24 bit wav samples
2 FULL Kontakt Patches 1.6Gb
Scripted GUI
1 ECO Kontakt Patch 420Mb
NI Compressed sample format
193 Piano Midi files
Full PDF Manual
Quick Installation Guide

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  1. Andy

    Hi Guys! Please could you update the links for the F9 Audio packs? I would love to download them. Many thanks for all your work as always…


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