EarthMoments – World Drum Sessions Vol 2: Balkan Drums (REX2, WAV)

By | June 10, 2023


Manufacturer: EarthMoments
Format: RX2, WAV
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Channels stereo

World Drum Sessions Vol 2 – Balkan Drums – 180 compelling Balkan percussion loops.

EarthMoments proudly presents the second in its World Music Drums Series the unique, hard to find World Music Drums – Balkan Sample Pack, to give your music that extra special rhythm. Performed by top world music drummer Yoav Bunzel, who has recorded over 15 pop and rock albums, this exclusive World Drums Sessions Vol II Balkan bundle contains live drum loops and patterns of the irresistible Balkan grooves. The World Drums Sessions Vol II Balkan collection contains 180 samples of live loops a Balkan groove samples.

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