Blastwave FX – Crashes and Explosions (WAV)

By | April 19, 2024


Publisher : Blastwave FX
Website :
Format : WAV
Quality : 24 bit | 96 kHz | stereo

Crashes and Explosions is a collection of 1000 hard high-quality sound effects from the Blastwave FX catalog, which includes almost 200 completely new files. The kit contains enough sounds of elements of debris, fire, bombs, car accidents and building explosions to destroy a small town … twice. There are many sounds of breaking glass, metal, wood, stone, bricks and a mixture of elements, as well as earthquakes, ball lightning, fire, Molotov cocktails, massive destruction and much more.

This package includes sound effects from the following products:
• App FX
• The Blastdrive
• Heroes & Villains
• Sonopedia 2.0
• Sound Effects Updates
• Sound Effects Bible Hard Drive
• The Zombie Apocalypse

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