Big Fish Audio – Performance Loops Drums Vol. 1 (WAV/Acid)

By | November 30, 2016


Performance Loops – Drums is the most unique approach to sample CDs. This disc has hundreds of drumloops, variations, & fills at many tempos & styles, so that you can totally reconstruct an original sounding drum track to the exact length you need for your song or production. You can create a realistic performance that sounds like it was played all the way through by a real drummer (which is essentially what it would be). Everything has been pre-edited to exact tempos (+/- 0.001 bpm). All files are Stereo, 16-bit, 44.1Khz and have been digitally mixed and mastered. This CD-ROM is packed! It contains over 600MB of samples, and over 1000 files!

Drumloops * 78-140 BPM
Ride Loops
Break Loops
BPM Fills
Blues Loops
Percussion Loops
Blues Fills
Hat Loops
Room Loops
Room Fills
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