Big Fish Audio – Dread Roots Reggae (WAV, AIFF, REX)

By | April 17, 2024


Manufacturer: Big Fish Audio
Website: Big Fish Audio
Format: Wav,Aiff,Rex
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Channels stereo

Description: Dread Roots Reggae (MULTIFORMAT) is a collection of solar reggae samples from Big Fish Audio in WAV/AIFF/AppleLoops/REX/StylusRMX formats. The disc features sound packs that include classic reggae tunes and rhythms that are simply irresistible! The powerful sounds of The Skatalites and rock ballads in the style of the Heptones or Bob Marley – all this and much more you will find on the Dread Roots Reggae disc.

Jamaica found its soul in 1962. Freed from colonial rule, Jamaicans were busy creating a new musical language, combining traditional African music with elements of American jazz and R&B, and broadcasting it from every street-corner sound system on the island. This is the birth of reggae. Big Fish Audio cranks up the sound system and takes you back to the island roots with Dread: Roots Reggae. From the frenzied sound of The Skatalites, to the rock-steady throb of the Heptones and Bob Marley, this rhythm is irresistible. These construction kits are full of traditional reggae melodies and rhythm. Come explore the roots of this infectious music.

Content :
41 sound sets in a wide tempo range of 65-160 BPM
Instruments presented: drums, basses, keyboards, guitars, bugles, cymbals, tambourines, organ, conga, bells and much more

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