BABY Audio – Transit v1.1.0 (VST, VST3, AAX, AU) [WiN.OSX x86 x64]

By | September 20, 2023


Year/Date of Issue: 09.14.23
Developer: Baby Audio.
Developer website: Baby Audio
Format: VST, VST3, AAX, AU.
Bit depth: 32/64bit
Tablet: Present/Cure [License]
System requirements: WIN 7+ macOS 10.7+

Description :
~This plugin kills static mixes~
We’ve teamed up with Andrew Huang to create the Transit FX plugin that will give your mixes a super punch.
Use it for build-ups, drops, movement effects, lifts and sweeps – and keep your listeners on their toes at all times.

Characteristics :
Creative transitions between parts of a composition play an important role in maintaining listener interest. To create them, producers use several tracks and plugins, as well as a huge number of automatic tracks.
Transit simplifies this process down to a single plugin. It contains 18 powerful effect modules that can be freely loaded into 7 slots. All effects parameters can be linked to a global macro controller, which is automated to create complex FX transitions with a single knob move. The result: More engaging and less static mixes.

Transit’s 18 effects modules are specifically designed to work with transitions. You get classic modulation, distortion and degradation effects, motion, reverb, delay, two types of filters, and even a synth oscillator and noise generator to add dynamics and sweep to transitions.
The quality and variety of effects, as well as the plug-in’s semi-modular architecture, make Transit a sound designer’s dream. You might soon be using it as a regular multi-factor or a new LFO tool. The possibilities are almost endless.

Do you want everything to be quick and easy? Transit features 300+ creative, modern, mind-blowing and hand-raising presets created by Andrew Huang and friends at Baby Audio. These presets provide a wide range of options across a variety of genres and use cases to instantly meet your needs.
You can also get creative by using a flexible randomization engine that allows you to set specific randomization ranges and lock modules/parameters to only randomize certain parts of the plugin. This can give your tracks completely new directions.

Switch from macro mode to sequencer mode to program and trigger DAW-synced transitions with the touch of a button. Each transition will start exactly from the next bar. This is ideal for live use. Or to record perfectly timed automations into a mix session without having to enter automation tracks.
The sequencer opens up additional possibilities for using Transit: Turn on Loop mode and your transitions will pulse back and forth endlessly. This turns the Transit into a creative “LFO tool” for adding constant FX movements to tracks.

Changelog v1.1 :
* Fixed tremolo clicks and frequency spikes.
* Fixed problems with plugin bypass synchronization.
* Fixed clicks and splashes when changing the size of the reverb.
* Fixed bug with OSC tail.
* Fixed tail noise bug.
* Fixed infinity mode bug. Improvements:
* Added new presets, including a new “guitar” category.
* Various graphical improvements.
* Improved randomization algorithm.
* Improved macro controller response.
* Added global security limiter option.
* Improved lock/unlock design.
* Improved volume consistency between presets. Additional keyboard shortcuts:
* Shift + click on a range of dynamic parameters + drag to shift the entire range.
* ctrl (cmd) + clicking on the global lock locks/unlocks all parameters within modules.
* Added Easter egg label.
*Pro Tools Automation shortcuts included.

How to install – [Mac]
Copy “3474039f0cc3be01c21f0c8fb205f789.lcs
in ~/Library/Application Support/af854ba56b229a56c422472ee764eba8/.

Since you see ~/ at the beginning, this is the user’s folder!

5 thoughts on “BABY Audio – Transit v1.1.0 (VST, VST3, AAX, AU) [WiN.OSX x86 x64]

  1. drk

    Could anyone please explain more specifically how to find this folder af854ba56b229a56c422472ee764eba8 on Mac?

  2. swift albro

    OK, this took me a while to figure out because I’m a big dummy.

    By default OSX hides the “Library” folder in your user folder and search doesnt turn anything up. You need to click “view options” in the user folder, then click the “show library folder” check box. If you’ve opened the plugin in your DAW first that folder should already be created but empty.

    at least that’s what got it working for me anyway.

  3. RMJ

    Hey everyone, just wanted to share how to find the folder “af854ba56b229a56c422472ee764eba8”.

    Open Finder – Go – Go To Folder – type in “~/library”
    From there look for the folder and copy and paste the 3474039f0cc3be01c21f0c8fb205f789.lcs file in that folder.

    Now it’s patched and you can use the full version.


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