Audio Ollie – LA Modern Percussion 1.1 (KONTAKT)

By | May 31, 2021


Publisher: Audio Ollie
Site: audioollie
Installation: added on the Files tab (see spoiler Screenshots)
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Our powerful groove engine has taken LA Modern Percussion to the next level. With four unique sequencers, dynamic step modulation, and the ability to assign individual drums to their own keys, you can create evolving playable patterns.
Audio Ollie teamed up with legendary music mixer Alan Meyerson to present his iconic, distinctive percussion sound that has never been reproduced with existing instruments and libraries. To capture this aggressive, wide and grandiose sound, we used the fine tuning that Alan uses in his blockbuster projects – we brought four of LA’s best percussionists to the Warner Brothers Eastwood stage and followed his formula every step of the way. By the way, from the choice of the microphone to the final mixes. The painstaking study of every detail was worth the effort! We’re incredibly proud to present our newest collaboration and flagship instrument, LA Modern Percussion.
LA Modern Percussion has been designed to be tweaked, distorted and tweaked by the creative user. With 15 microphone options, a dedicated effect chain (modeled after Alan’s workflow), bus routing, and various patch types created for layering, the creative possibilities are virtually endless.
By providing the basic building blocks, the instrument is ready to create and simulate completely unique drum sounds. By combining many different drum sources with unique processing and humanization features such as fade and random speed, we’ve delivered a huge array of creative content in multi-form.

The user interface has been created for maximum efficiency and workflow improvement. It includes features such as dual-band AHDSR modes that link to high and low pass filters for surgical sound shaping, a preset system that allows you to store any user interface settings, and advanced controls that can adjust dynamic curve, transpose, and the pitch of the instrument.
Types of patches:
Dynamic Hits – These patches contain an average of 25 dynamic layers displayed on the keyboard from low to high. This unique approach requires extremely low CPU requirements, making them ideal for layering.
Traditional Hits & Rolls is a traditional percussion patch with 7 speakers, 9 RRs and dynamic rolls controlled by a mod wheel. All major types of ensembles have Hit & Roll, in addition to dynamic hits.
Fills – Small musical performances that have been created to create realistic, energetic beats. Their start time can be adjusted using the rocker switch to further customize the patterns.
Improvs are single, long improvisational performances that give your production a freer, more human aspect. The keys start the playback start time from low to high.




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  1. oren

    so that’s it? only Kontak content on this site from now on?
    No other VSTs around?

  2. Just A Producer

    Hello, please could you upload Hr Strings library from Kontakt? 🙂


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