Arturia – V Collection + FX Bundle 8 v2021.01-04 (STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3) [WiN x64]

By | June 10, 2021


Year / Date of Issue: 01-04.2021
Version: 8 v2021.01-04
Developer: Arturia
Developer site: Arturia
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: present (replacement files) | MORiA
System requirements: Windows 8.1 or higher, 4 GB RAM; 2.5 GHz \ 10.10+: 4 GB RAM; 2.5 GHz CPU.
OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU

Description: Emulations of 1980s synthesizers, vocoder and digital sampler, as well as updating existing plugins.
Arturia announced the release of a new version of the collection of virtual instruments Arturia V Collection 8. The updated collection offers four completely new instruments, two updates to existing plugins and other innovations.
The set consists of 28 virtual instruments: analog and digital synthesizers, organs, acoustic and electronic pianos, string synthesizers and other instruments. Arturia V Collection 8 offers four new instruments: Jun-6 V, Emulator II V, Vocoder V and OB-Xa V.
The developers have also updated the previously released Jup-8 synthesizer and Stage-73 electric piano. All plugins in the kit are based on the company’s patented physics-based sound modeling technology.
The updated Arturia V Collection 8 also includes two modified instruments – the Jup-8 V4 synthesizer and the Stage-73 V2 electric piano. The first one received a new modulation engine and a modified synthesis engine, the second one – a redesigned physical modeling model for more accurate repetition of the sound of electronic keyboards.
In addition, the collection received a new version of the plug-in Arturia Analog Lab V. The plug-in consists of thousands of presets for virtual instruments as part of V Collection 8. Among the new features is the emergence of the PatchWorks section, which consists of 700 completely new curated patches from famous musicians, sound designers and producers … The patches combine vintage disco bass lines, vibrant atmospheric soundtrack spaces, and other treatments.
Analog Lab V opens up access to tight integration with MIDI controllers. Thanks to the plugin, users can flexibly configure how virtual instruments work with any controllers thanks to the mapping functions and create macros to control each plugin in the collection.

Plugin List :
Analog.Lab.V –
ARP.2600.V3 –
B-3.V2 –
Buchla.Easel.V –
Chorus.JUN-6 –
Clavinet.V –
Comp.FET-76 –
Comp.VCA-65 –
CS-80.V3 –
CZ.V –
Delay.TAPE-201 –
DX7.V –
Emulator.II.V –
Farfisa V –
Filter.M12 –
Filter.MINI –
Filter.SEM –
Flanger.BL-20 –
Jun-6.V –
Jup-8.V4 –
Matrix-12.V2 –
Mellotron.V –
Mini.V3 –
Modular.V3 –
OB-Xa.V –
Phaser.BI-TRON –
Piano.V2 –
Pigments –
Pre.1973 –
Pre.TridA –
Pre.V76 –
Prophet.V3 –
Rev.PLATE-140 –
Rev.SPRING-636 –
SEM.V2 –
Solina.V2 –
Stage-73.V –
Synclavier.V –
Synthi.V –
Vocoder.V –
VOX.Continental.V2 –
Wurli.V2 –

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  1. sghf

    adfly is complicated you have to open the link several times and go after it until it works

  2. yt

    don’t work it’s demo and this desactive all liscence for all arturia product

  3. Javier

    U should include the instructions sir. I tought that It were Demos but I just figured out that in order to activate the plugins U have to replace the MORIA *.vst3 files into /ProgramFiles/CommonFiles/VST3 after each installation.

  4. anastasia

    R.I.P Peter Zinovieff 1933 – 2021. Engineer, inventor and composer.
    One of the founders of EMS Synthesizers, creators of the original version of the Synthi as found in this collection.

  5. axis

    hi javier i wanted to know the standalone moria file in which folder should i put it.
    thanks from axis

  6. George Jetson

    WOW This site is really starting to suck now. Can’t get a simple torrent file anymore without loading Malware on your system. Shame…. I’m going somewhere else….


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