Arturia – Synthi V (STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, AUi) [OSX]

By | December 9, 2019


Release Year : 2019
Version :
Developer : Arturia
Developer’s site : arturia
Platform : Intel only
Interface language : English
Tablet : Present (Replacement Files)
System requirements : 10.10+: 4 GB RAM; 2.5 GHz CPU.
1GB free hard disk space
OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU

Description : Synthi V fully reflects the spirit of a unique analog synthesizer, which appeared in London in the 70s to inspire the whole developing world of electronic music, and has new superpowers that inspire our world today, and your music will sound differently.
Synthi V offers you the experimental experience of legendary analog synthesizers with 3 oscillators from EMS, which are now filled with completely modern improvements. Go beyond the usual solos and basses, creating sound and sci-fi effects from beautiful to bizarre and everything.
If you are one of those lucky ones who own or have played Synthi or VCS3, you will not only be amazed at how accurate our model is, but you will also be amazed at its impressive improvements and new features. If you have never had the joy of experiencing the original, you will enjoy Synthi V. In addition to creating minor mods, we have added a whole new set of digital instruments that bring this instrument to the forefront of modern music. A modern step-by-step sequencer highlighted by LFO and built-in effects are just some of the sound qualities that will make Synthi V your new obsession. Now you also have the option of full matrix modulation aimed at each parameter with a completely variable signal structure.
And, yes … did we mention that we turned this amazing monophonic synthesizer into a 4-voice poly? You are welcome! With Synthi V, you can add spices to any genre or create your own. Synthi V comes with an extensive library of leads, basses, textures, sound effects, and more. Nevertheless, it is always easy to find the right sound thanks to our universal system of categories and tags. Of course, you can organize your own patches using this elegant system.
Discover the sound of Synthi V. Thanks to the modulation matrix, you can direct any signal to anything, and thanks to its unpredictable nature, you will often create sounds that you have never heard before. We carefully simulated each individual component of the machine to reproduce analog defects at all levels, from oscillators to the excellent distortion found at different stages of amplification, contributing to the rich filling of the harmonic content of the original sound. The addition of a 4-voice polyphony expands the potential of the original, allowing you to create pads and evolving sounds.

Release note:
It’s an early Christmas for Mac users! I spent 50 plus man hours reversing these Arturia plugins, much more if we don’t count just this past week. It was by far the most requested in my PMs despite me owning legit V collection 7. A huge amount of work goes into this and the measly 2-3 dollars I get from downloads makes it very difficult sometimes as I have to dedicate whole days to these things, 12 hours plus, and lose spending time working making music or spending time with my family so if you want to support me and allow me to continue to release more in the future please consider supporting me by buying a premium account through my referral links in the Support Me.txt file
Some notes about the plugins – testing in Ableton Live 10 some of the VST3 plugins crash when you delete them from a track, this is a problem for legit users too. VST and AU are not affected despite the AU wrapping the VST3 plugin – more reason to just switch to AU full time so you can use Live 10.1.4 too. AAX is working as it is wrapping the VST3 in Library / Arturia / PRODUCT NAME. Do not remove Arturia Software Center. Make sure to read instructions carefully – CASHMERE

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