Ableton – Live 11 Suite v11.1.5 U2B – HCiSO [macOS]

By | June 18, 2022


Year of release : 2022
Version : v11.1.5
Developer : Ableton Developer
site :
Platform : Intel/Apple Silicon Universal
Interface language : English
Tablet : K’ed by HCiSO
System requirements : macOS High Sierra 10.13 to Monterey 12
Intel® Core™ i5 processor
Apple silicon
1280×800 display resolution
Core Audio compliant audio interface recommended

Description: Ableton Live Suite is a revolutionary solution for music production. First of all, this is a digital audio workstation (DAW) and should be judged as such. It allows you to compose, record, remix, improvise and edit your musical ideas in an audio/MIDI environment. Ableton Live connects your acoustic, electronic and virtual instruments, as well as your digital audio recordings and MIDI sequences, together in one interface with unprecedented ease of use. What sets Ableton Live apart from the crowded market of software sequencers and recording software is its simple and innovative interface that uses 2 intuitive workflow modes. Simply put, Ableton lets you focus on what really matters: your music.
Ableton Live 10 Suite includes:
Ableton Live with a redesigned and more informative interface
13 instruments (including Wavetable, Operator, Sampler, Analog and more)
56 audio and MIDI processing effects (including Echo, Pedal, Beat Repeat, Amp, Vocoder , Glue and more)
Benefits of Ableton Live 10 Suite:
Make music your way
Everything you need for your creativity is included
Create your own effects and instruments with Max for Live
While other DAWs on the market may seem unwieldy in comparison, Ableton Live’s interface is very intuitive to use. If you find that the complex interfaces of other DAWs are illogical and unreasonable, the simplicity and elegance of Ableton Live will definitely be a reason for you to at least give it a try, and eventually, maybe switch completely to Ableton.


What’s new:
11.1.5 Release Notes
New features and improvements:
• When renaming multiple scenes via the context menu, the editing area will appear on the scene you right-click, and the scene selection will be saved even if the selected scene has not been selected.
• The Expand Clip View tab is only active when it makes sense, such as when a clip is selected and the clip view is visible.
• If you collapse Clip View (for example, using the keyboard shortcut [OPT][CMD][L]) while it is expanded and then reopen it, Clip View returns to its enlarged size as expected.
• Clip borders are now displayed in an opaque color for improved visibility.
• In Arrangement View, right-click right-click context menu grid settings now display properly even if the arrangement contains different time signatures.
• When a new software update is available and your automatic update preferences are set to Ask Me, a link to the latest release notes is included in the Live status bar notification.
• Live will also show a link to the release notes in the status bar when downloading a new update and once the download is complete.
•Updated software texts for the Collision tool.
• Updated software texts and viewing help lessons in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.
• Users will see shorter names for certain values ​​(such as waveforms) across different devices on Push 2.
Maximum for operational updates and improvements:
•Updated complete Max build to version 8.2.2.
•amxd~: Removed extra frame added to device after dragging to patcher
• amxd~: Improved error message object identification.
• Dynamic Colors: By default, the background color of the Max for Live patcher matches the Live theme.
• Dynamic Colors: Load faster.
• jsliveapi: provide boxpath (fixes problems with M4L.chooser)
• live.dial: fixed triangle color
• live.gain~: fixed cursor position when mouse up
• live.step: dynamic colors work as expected
• Maximum for Live Device projects: pollute the device when adding dependencies.
• Max for Device Live Patter: Fixed crash on load (Live 11.1.b8)
• Max Unique Identifier for Live / —: Supported when loading poly~ patchers
• Panel: Fixed enabling/disabling window_drag in Max for Live device subpatchers.
• It is possible to disable a property when using by sending a property message with no argument (or property “”) without Max printing a warning to the console.
• Max for Live users now have access to the duplicate_notes_by_id function of the Clip LOM object.
• Wavetable and Compressor device view properties are now available in the Max for Live API.
• In the Max for Live API, the get_notes_extended, get_all_notes_extended, get_selected_notes_extended, and get_notes_by_id functions can now take their arguments as a single dictionary. This dictionary can have an additional key or filters mapped to a list of annotation property names. If filters are provided, the returned dictionaries will only contain the specified properties, not full annotation descriptions.
• Setting a property on without a valid LOM ID no longer causes a warning to be printed to the Max console.
Bug Fixes:
• Improved Live performance when resizing clips in Arrangement View.
• Fixed a visual bug that caused small time highlights to flicker when zooming out in Arrangement View.
•Fixed a bug in macOS that caused mouse cursors to become distorted on HiDPI/Retina screens.
• Selecting “Jump” from the “Follow Action” drop-down menu now displays the text “Jump” (full text is slightly truncated). The percentage chance to perform an action is also now right-aligned.
• Fixed a bug due to which MIDI notes disappeared when drawing with a pencil with quick or large gestures when editing multiple clips.
• Fixed an issue that caused Live to incorrectly display video clips on the topmost track (instead of the bottommost track) in Live Sets with multiple overlapping video clips.
• When a warped clip is frozen, the Grain Size setting of the Tones warp mode is also frozen.
• When renaming multiple clips in Arrangement or Session view via the context menu, the editing area will be displayed on the clip you right-clicked.
• Fixed an issue that occurred when navigating with the Tab key when renaming multiple clips.
• Clip names of frozen takes are now displayed in draw mode as expected.
• Extending an undeformed clip beyond the original end of the clip now works as expected.
• When drawing mode is enabled, grid lines will appear as expected on duplicate track clips.
• Timing of minimized tracks in automatic mode is now displayed as expected.
•Using [Tab] and [Shift][Tab] when renaming tracks now allows the user to switch between the first and last tracks in the arrangement view.
• When editing multiple clips, the transpose range and speed sliders are now enabled/disabled as expected based on note/time selection.
• Fixed an issue that caused additional spaces to appear in track headers when deleting multiple tracks.
• Fixed an issue that caused duplicate emails to be sent.
in the return chain when renaming the chain to Drum Rack.
• Fixed a bug due to which in rare cases there were loud sound bursts in Wavetable.
• Fixed a small bug with editing multiple clips, due to which some notes could not be selected properly in certain scenarios.
• Scrollbars display properly when a long list of items is displayed.
• Merging audio clips no longer requires additional time when plug-ins are on their respective return tracks.
• If you make a time selection with the mouse in multi-clip edit mode, the time selection will be saved when you click and drag a note from the background clip.
• When editing multiple clips, selecting multiple notes by dragging the mouse from right to left and then moving the selected notes now works as expected.
• Navigation between takes tracks, clips, scenes and tracks is now more consistent.
• Fixed an issue where time signature changes in Arrangement View were removed when freezing a track that also contained Session View clips.
• Fixed an issue where tracks that were copied and pasted to an Automation track or a Take track in Arrange view were added to the last position of the track.
•Fixed a bug that caused Live to crash or hang when the audio output device was turned off during export.
• Fixed an issue that caused Live to incorrectly load the deprecated DefaultLiveSet.als in new versions of Live.
• Duplicating a bar between two time signature markers no longer adds an unexpected duplicate time signature marker to the arrangement.
• Updated values ​​for automatic MIDI CCs are now sent when scrolling in an arrangement or placing an arrangement’s insert marker, even on loaded MIDI tracks.
• The Auto option in the piano’s Accidentals context menu now always displays the actual spelling used.
• Fixed an issue that caused host automation from a plug-in to be redirected to ext. tool or accessory An audio effects device on another track does not play when the track is frozen.
• Fixed a bug due to which note-off and pitch-reset messages were sent to all routed MIDI outputs when the device chain of any track was changed.
• A MIDI CC automation from a clip will play when the track’s monitor mode is set to “In”, which is consistent with how other automations play.
• Pressing 2 now displays the frequency and width options for the Hull device correctly.
•Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when selecting tracks containing missing VST2 plugins.
• Fixed an alleged issue with Audio Unit plug-in parameters that are of type MIDINoteNumber, do not have display names attached to their values, and have a value range that does not start at zero.
•Fixed a crash when adding an inaccessible plugin preset to the end of the device chain.
• Fixed a crash caused by adding certain plugins (such as Omnisphere) to a track and then canceling the action. Live also sometimes crashed when trying to re-open the same Live Set after the initial crash.
• Fixed a bug due to which preset parameters were not loaded correctly in VST plugins on Apple M1 computers.
• Fixed a crash caused by adding MIDI effect racks to MIDI tracks that were redirected to each other but did not contain instruments in their device chains.
•Fixed a crash when opening Flux::VST2 plugins.
• Fixed an issue with VST3 plug-in development that sometimes displayed incorrect projectTimeSamples values.
• Fixed a regression that broke Live’s ability to pass host information to VST2 plugins.
• We fixed an issue where scanning VST plug-ins from Live Settings on Apple Silicon computers took longer than expected.
• Scanning user paths to VST2 and VST3 folders now works as expected.
• Added support for the sharp character (♯) for control panel scripts that display parameter values ​​as pitch names.
• Fixed device selection behavior in several control panel scenarios (such as APC Mini and Launch Control XL) so that it no longer interferes with chain selection in an expanded drum or instrument rack in session view.
• Fixed an issue where adjusting the timing of a song using the Control Surface Script Encoder or the jog wheel would stop working after the playmaker was set in Arrangement View.
• Fixed several issues with the MackieControl and MackieControl_Classic control panel scripts that caused button indicators to remain in the wrong state.
• The KeyLab and KeyLab88 control surfaces no longer cause a Live delay when they are active.
• Fixed an issue in several control surface scripts (such as ATOM SQ and KeyLab_Essential) that generated unnecessary undo steps when setting options.
•Fixed an issue in the SL_MkIII control panel script that caused knob widgets to move abruptly on displays.
• Fixed a bug in the SL_MkIII control panel script that created unnecessary undo steps when adjusting the volume using the sliders.

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