Ableton – Live 10 Sound Packs (ALP)

By | March 23, 2023


Publisher : Ableton
Website :
Format : ALP / aif
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
Tablet : Not required
Requirements : Live 9.7 Standard (Live 10 and up)

Description : The collection of tools that come with the program Live 10 in the Suite
Who doesn’t want to download everything, but only individual tools:
1. When adding a torrent to download, uncheck what is not needed.
2. In the program itself, go to the files tab and, through the right click, select the option not to download. You can select a lot at once with a shift.
3. If you update the distribution, then specify the same folder, the torrent client will double-check and download only NEW ones.

Content :
Chop and Swing
Punch and Tilt
Drive and Glow
Glitch and Wash
Skitter and Step
Build and Drop
Drum Essentials
Synth Essentials
Drum Booth
Electric Keyboards
Urban Cookbook 2
Analogik Bundle
Analogik Waves II
Beat Tools
Cinematic Percussion
House Racks
ZenPad Poly Reverse
DM-307A: Free Pack
64 Pad Lab
ZenPad Waterworks
Urban Cookbook 1
Magic Racks
ZenPad Le Slow
Break Selection For Live 9
Analogik Drums
Analogik Waves
Entangled Species
Spectral Textures
Apocalypse Percussion Elements
Thermionic Solid State Drums
Analogue Techno
Effect Racks
Recording Hybrid Kit
A Fistful of Drumkits
Studio Bass
Omar Hakim Drums
ZenPad – Bollywood
ZenPad – Oriental
ZenPad – Mantra
Beat Selection For Live 9
Olympus Elements
Orchestral Ensemble Essentials 2
Konkrete Drums 3
Retro Synths
Vinyl Classics
Breakbeats by KutMasta Kurt
Konkrete Breaks
Cyclic Waves
Loopmasters Mixtape
Session Drums Multimic
Session Drums Studio
Unnatural Selection
Session Drums Club
Digiction 1
Designer Drums
Sound Objects Lite
Guitar and Bass
grand piano
Digiction 2
The Forge
DM ARP 2600 Drums
texture beats
Radio Slave for Live
electric pianos
Hip Hop Drums
Orchestral Ensemble Essentials
Retro Synths 1980s
Synthetik Loops
Konkrete Drums 1
Japanese Taiko
Tubular Bells
Riemann Tech-House Kollektion[spoiler=
Studio Grand Uptown
Electronic Drums
Skiddaw Stones
Studio Grand Downtown
Fibes Kit
Crystal Sounds
Studio Grand East Village
Pan Drum
Sound Objects
Orchestral Mallets
Bowed Piano
Orchestral Strings
Solid Sounds
Balinese Gamelan
Orchestral Woodwinds
Mad Beatz
Orchestral Brass
eBow Guitar
Latin Percussion
Drum Machines

Installation :
1. Open Ableton
2. Drag and drop ALL plugins into the program window.
3. We are waiting for the preparation to take place.
4. Because the list is long and does not fit in the window, press TAB-TAB-Enter
5. You will need to specify the folder for the packs. This is where the program will unzip all the tools. All tools will be stored there. The program will automatically pick up the library from this folder. You can create many shortcuts and set the order with this, because The program will load the list in order of labels.

One thought on “Ableton – Live 10 Sound Packs (ALP)

  1. Angel

    Hello Admin, greetings from Bulgaria, be healthy and live long. Thank you for all these links you give to all of us from the poor Balkans.
    I have a question for you. I have been looking for a sample for a very very long time
    the sample is in a female voice
    I have asked many people over the years composers and beatmakers but no one answers me
    I don’t know if they don’t want to answer me or if they just can’t remember which bank the sample is from I thought if I had to ask someone else, You are the one
    I know three songs with this sample. one of them is Bulgarian hiphop, the other two I discovered with Shazam
    all three songs can be heard on youtube
    1 Big sha – vse oshte sum zamesen
    2 Incognito – I Can See The Future
    3 AMD – SelluLa


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