Zero-G – Ethera Gold Atlantis 3 (KONTAKT)

By | July 9, 2024


Publisher: Zero-G
Website: Ethera Gold Atlantis 3
Format: KONTAKT (6.7.1+)
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: ETHERA GOLD ATLANTIS 3 is a wonderful, innovative tool designed for creating soundtracks, cinematic compositions, impressive music trailers and any musical work that requires exceptional solo vocals. As the successor to the highly acclaimed and best-selling ATLANTIS 2 library, ATLANTIS 3 builds on the success of its predecessor.
Atlantis 3 contains a staggering 30GB of 24-bit, 48kHz samples unique to the instrument (compressed into 21GB). This achievement is a testament to the extensive dedication and research put into creating the definitive vocal library. Drawing inspiration from the ethereal charm of Celtic melodies, grand fantasy compositions and medieval melodies, we confidently declare that this is the best, most invigorating and vibrant vocal library ever created for these musical genres. With Atlantis 3 you will have the power to compose music with unrivaled inspiration and truly extraordinary vocal quality!

Atlantis 3 is packed with content and features. Featuring 6 stunning professional cinematic vocalists, 16 different types of True Legato instruments including Chromatic Vocal True Legato, Romantic True Legato, Valhalla True Legato and Elvish True Legato. 6 brand new True Legatos have been released in the following styles – Heroic, Dark Siren, Roma, Venezia, Firenze and Syllables. There is also a brand new Hybrid Vocal Synthesizer, Elvish Polyphonic Legato Singing Instrument and a Legato Syllable Singing Instrument.
Plus, it has literally thousands of inspiring vocal phrases, a full suite of effects (with custom Convolution reverb), three separate vocal phrase builders. Three sustain tools, an ethereal vocal overdub tool, and a whisper tool!

If you already own some or all of the previous Ethera Gold series, then Ethera Gold Atlantis 3 is an incredibly powerful addition to your Ethera Gold collection. For those new to the Ethera universe, Ethera Atlantis 3 is a stunningly exciting new tool for enhancing and enriching your musical creativity.

Additional Information :
Female vocal instrument designed for crafting soundtracks, cinematic compositions, awe-inspiring music trailers,
and any musical piece demanding exceptional Celtic, Fantasy and Epic solo vocals.

What’s Included in Ethera Gold Atlantis 3:
– 35 multi-sampled Kontakt Instruments.
– Over 30Gb of 24bit, 48Khz samples (20GB Compressed).
– 6 Amazing Cinematic Professional Singers (Clara, Lara, Elena, Giulia, Rosaria, Livia).
– 16 Different Types of True Legato Articulations with Deep Sampling.
– Over 3000 inspiring customisable vocal phrases organized by key & BPM – with legato mode.
– Romantic True Legato.
– Atlantis True Legato.
– Elven True Legato.
– Valhalla True Legato.
– The Brand-New Heroic True Legato.
– The Brand-New Fantasy True Legato.
– The Brand-New Dark Siren True Legato.
– The Brand-New Roma (Rome) True Legato.
– The Brand-New Venezia (Venice)True Legato.
– The Brand-New Firenze (Florence) True Legato.
– The Brand-New Syllables True Legato.
– The Brand-New Hybrid Vocal Synth.
– The Brand-New Elven Polyphonic Legato Chants.
– The Brand-New Syllables Polyphonic Legato Chants.
– 3 Brand New Phrases Instruments with 750 new phrases: Valkyries Vocal Phrases, Ethnic Colors Vocal Phrases & Aurora Vocal Phrases
– Custom Convolution Reverb + FX Rack.
– An inspiring Vocal Phrases Builder that enables you to play haunting polyphonic legato phrasing with customisable phrases (also available in a Key-switch Version).
– Two Vocal Phrases Builders enabling you to play modern Baltic/Balkans polyphonic chants with customisable phrases (also available in a Key-switch Version).
– Sustain Instruments with a collection of inspiring vocal textures that are tempo-synced.
– Ethereal Vocal Pad Instruments.
– Whisper Instrument.

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