Xfer Records – Serum & FX 1.2.8b6 – NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer (VSTi) [WiN x64]

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Year / Release Date : 03/02/2020
Version : 1.2.8b6
Developer : Xfer Records
Developer’s site : xferrecords
Format : VSTi
Bit : 64bit
Tabletka : cured
System Requirements : Windows 7/8/10

Description : Serum is a tabular wave synthesizer of dreams, with really high quality sound, a visual and creatively oriented interface, has a built-in wave table editor so that music creation is not a tedious process. The synthesizer has a huge number of wave tables, and of course the ability to create your own. A unison generator that gives up to 16 votes and allows you to flexibly adjust the volume-to-child ratio between them. The sound is very lively, and most importantly modern.
• Ability to import or create your own Wavetables.
• Ultra – pure oscillators – in short, the developers assure that the sound in Serum will be clean and almost transparent.
• Advanced modulation capabilities
• Ability to work with the wave table in real time
• A large number of filters
• Many effects and the ability to modulate each of them.
• Extended unison – up to 16 votes per oscillator. Several modes of unison and other chips.
• Serum includes 450 presets, 144 wave tables.

Installation :
1. Run .exe or extract its contents by the 7-Zip archiver to any drive for permanent storage (not deep by nesting folders, briefly by name);
2. Save operating time (presets, etc.) Uninstall (or delete if there is no uninstaller) previous versions.
3. Check the absence of folders in the places of creating symlinks. Delete the folders remaining after uninstalling (IF THE FOLDERS ARE LEAVED, SIMPLINKS WILL NOT BE CREATED);
4. Launch SymLink Installer.cmd . If you need to register with keygen, patch, etc. (everything you need will be in the REG folder);
5. run DAW by setting the scan path C: \ Program Files \ VstPlugins, scan for new plugins.

For the programs and plugins to work correctly, the following must be installed in the system:
Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2019 Redistributable Package x86 & x64

Special thanks to users of PossibleWorlds and katromkatrom

What is a symlink?
Is it possible to bypass SymLink Installer without .CMD files?
New in Version
– fix: (AAX) Serum was not restoring all settings on a deactivated track / instance.
– fix: Shift-click + dragging on the leftmost segment of the LFO display would add a stream of extra LFO points.
– fix: Alt-drag to LFO to wavetable
– fix: drawing in WT Editor would not update the wavetable in some situations

28 thoughts on “Xfer Records – Serum & FX 1.2.8b6 – NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer (VSTi) [WiN x64]

  1. Mik

    It does ask for a key? There’s nothing in the reg folder to register

  2. flynn

    Asks for a key, any key i put in from the reg file it just doesn’t do anything or tells me the key is invalid. any help would be Muy Culiente

  3. cmon you know me

    anytime I switch presets it opens xFer website…how to solve this?

  4. L

    as soon as i set the presets folder on first start up in ableton, ableton crashes any thoughs ?

  5. Soufiene Ben Romdhane

    If you have problems with cracking try:

    1) Close all your programs and disconnect your PC from internet.

    2) Navigate to C:\Users\[YOUR_USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Xfer\Serum and delete “user.dat” file.

    3) Open your DAW and load Serum, type the password in the box and confirm.

    It worked for me, thank you

  6. PinoLuigino

    @Soufiene Ben Romdhane
    Thank you really much

    this solved the issue of serials not working/being accepted

  7. Robson Niocin

    Hey I just wanted to report a bug which is on windows serum that I got which is that if you go to the last preset and click forward arrow multiple times, it locks up the arrows that are used to change the presets.

  8. Rashid

    If anyone has a working serum, then post their user.dat file so we can all use it. When I try it and others have this issue is where it kind of works serum knows its a fake serial, so whenever we hit menu button is locks serum up or when we swipe through presets it launches website.
    If anyone has a truly working seurm, post your user.dat file so we can all download it.

  9. sibernetik

    Graphic interface dont work on my computers(win 8 and win 10 installed and all drivers updated two different computers)
    Serum screen interface dont open correct. I see only black window. If i can random click left and top area on this screen, i can access scale screen window.(% 10, % 20 … %100 etc…) when i scale window here,after i can see serum interface
    Did anybody live same problem. Share his experience here please

  10. asdfwe

    Works but every few days my serial number stops working and I have to follow Soufiene Ben Romdhane’s instructions.

  11. Tommmy

    Please upload fixed version this version doesn’t work , keys and also plugin window is to small in size please fix this. Asap. Thx

  12. Jaasla

    Hey, guys!

    the comment of Soufiene Ben Romdhane works really, really well. But I had the same issue as sibernetik. But I made it work!

    Do all of the work with no internet. U just have to select the library of Serum go inside the folder where u installed @ \Xfer Records\Serum\Users\Documents\Xfer\

    and then select the folder “Serum Presets” as ur library.

    now, you need to use the key inside ur DAW. Before, do what Soufiene Ben Romdhane says:

    “If you have problems with cracking try:

    1) Close all your programs and disconnect your PC from internet.

    2) Navigate to C:\Users\[YOUR_USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Xfer\Serum and delete “user.dat” file.

    3) Open your DAW and load Serum, type the password in the box and confirm.

    It worked for me, thank you”

    Now, use the key SVEJ-VGWE-GKTT-IXJN-ELPS wich is working. AND BAM, IT WORKS.

    luv ya, see ya

  13. OGGGG

    Everytime I open serum , theres a black screen and it says “open serum presets” but when I open the preset folder it still doesnt work

  14. Thunder

    I Tried everything it didn’t work for me… I have installed several versions but this version never works it keeps asking for Key everytime I delete user dat and everything even then when I paste a key it opens browser and doesn’t proceeds…. Ps I don’t have internet on my computer.

  15. Ech

    Same here – doesn’t work – I run my DAW in a sandbox so there’s no internet and deleting and recreating that user.dat still opens a browser…

  16. Josh spare

    When i open serum it says: please check carefully. Re-open serum GUI and try again. What is this?? I cant use serum at all.

  17. Gabl

    do what Soufiene Ben Romdhane says, but use these keys here:








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