Wave Alchemy – Organic Analogue Techno (ADV, AIFF, ALP, EXS, FXP, KT3, REX2, SXT, SFZ, WAV, KONTAKT)

By | May 25, 2023


Publisher: Wave Alchemy
Website: Wave Alchemy
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Arguably our most sophisticated release to date, Organic Analogue Techno blurs the line between electronic and organic, combining emotive Dub Techno inspired chords, cinematic synths and ethereal sound beds with crunchy syncopated drums, monstrous bass and abstract found sound elements…

Content :
Designed from the ground up using an all-out analogue gear list alongside modern high-end processing and production techniques, Organic Analogue Techno serves up over 2 GB of forward-thinking, impeccably produced sample material.
Expect to find evolving dubby analogue chords, foley-textured percussion, breath-taking melodic sound-beds, quirky stacked synths and moody arps, abstract drum grooves, melting analogue bass, crunchy main-room beats and a vast array of uniquely layered drum samples , stabs and sound effects…
What’s included in the sample pack?
1.1GB (2.7GB including REX / Apple Loops) of creatively produced sample content, recorded across 120, 124 and 148 BPM.
Drum Loops – 275 organic analogue drums, chunky main-room workouts, syncopated grooves, foley-laced percussion and much more… 95 full drum loops each including 3 variations (full, stripped, top)
Synth Loops – 54 awe-inspiring melodic loops; featuring uniquely stacked atmospheric synths, dusty cinematic textures, monstrous melodics, devious arps, moody analogue chords and more…
Stab & Chord Loops – 52 evolving and complex chords, dubbed out Techno workouts and found sound infused melodic bliss
Pads & Atmospherics – 51 sublime soundscapes, deep analogue pads, dub-tinged chord-scapes, raw synth drones and found sound layered ensembles
Bass Loops – 46 melting analogue bass grooves, abysmal subs, pitch-bending growls and organic layered low-enders
Groove Assist & Abstract – 59 creatively layered and processed field recordings – specifically designed to enhance existing loops or add movement to your production. Expect to find dusty found-sound grooves, twisted vocals, tempo-synced ambience and moody percussion layers
Top Loops – 90 creatively designed kick-free top loops, abstract percussion, crunchy hats and main-room drum tools
Sound Effects – 36 rough analogue textures, falls, rises and breakdown effects
Drum Hits & Tones – 293 masterfully sculpted drum samples, bass tones and layered stabs, each created from the ground up for maximum character
Ableton Live 9 Pack – Live Pack featuring audio clips alongside sampler / simpler instruments for all drum hits and stabs
Drum Kits – 18 ready-to-play drum kits & sampler patches for Battery, Ableton, Kontakt, NN-XT, EXS24 Halion and SFZ

Full Download contains:
2.7 GB download
627 x 24-bit Wav loops
329 x 24-bit Wav one-shot drum samples, stabs & FX
Feature rich Ableton Live 9 pack
471 x REX 2 loops
471 x Apple loops
471 x Acidized Wav loops
18 Drum Kits

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