W.A Production – Babylon v1.0.3 +EXPANSIONS (VSTi, VST3i, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | January 27, 2023


Year/Date of Issue: 01/20/23
Developer: W.A Production
Developer website: W.A Production
Format: VSTi, VST3i, AAX
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: Present/cured
System requirements: WIN 8+

One page wonder:
We’ve been wanting to make a synth like the Babylon for a long time after we ran into synths that made programming difficult with multiple windows and menus. Babylon has an elegant and simple design, with all the main parameters presented on a single interface page. Of course, a synth is only as good as it sounds, and we’ve included hundreds of waveforms and presets to choose from. Babylon can work with any instrument, including different types of leads, basses, pads, organs, keys, FX and more. With powerful multi-voice oscillators, stereo unison and detuning, high quality filters, effects and an internal modulation matrix, Babylon can stand up to the big boys because it’s powerful yet perfectly shaped.

Main characteristics :
Microtonal tuning:
Very unusual for a soft synth, but with Babylon you can tune each individual note to its own frequency and play quarter and microtonal scales. In standard tuning, these scales are usually not reproduced, which makes them extremely interesting experimental harmonics.
Scale Helper:
Babylon comes with 23 standard and 34 traditional Middle Eastern scales and frets. You can select a scale, a key and see the notes of the scale highlighted on the virtual keyboard. Microtonal tuning is also set automatically. Using a modern synthesizer to play scales from all over the world has never been easier.
With 257 high-resolution waveforms, you’re sure to find the perfect starting point for your own sounds. Along with many variations of classic oscillator shapes, we’ve included formant, grainy, voice, and instrumental waveforms for maximum versatility. All of them can be inverted or reversed (or both). Over 2300 preset sounds have been expertly programmed and cataloged by theme in the built-in browser so you can easily find what you need in a hurry.
Full set of FX included: Distortion, bitrate and sample rate reduction, filter, chorus, EQ, delay and reverb. They can be rearranged with a simple click and drag, providing a logical approach to FX routing.
Unique features:
We could list all the great features of Babylon, but instead let us point out some aspects that we think are unique in the world of soft synths. The filter section has not only standard controls, but also 5 characteristic poly-effects: drive, distortion, saturation, crush and LoFi. There is a dedicated vibrato LFO with delay and attack settings for smooth vibrato transitions. Babylon has 12 different types of curves for ADSR and filter programming. Visual feedback in unison shows the exact breadth and depth of your voice and detuning. Did we mention scales and micro-tuning? Oh yes, they mentioned.W. A. Production are real producers creating creative plug-ins to help you achieve studio-quality production quickly and easily. Enjoy!

Peculiarities :
One-page synthesizer programming.
257 high resolution waveforms.
Over 2300 preset sounds.
Scale and microtonal functions.
Filters and effects.
Polyphonic oscillation.
Modulation matrix.
FM, RM and AM modulation.
Dedicated vibrato LFO.
Skins and two-dimensional interface.


List of extensions :
Bass For Babylon.
Bass house.
deep house.
Drum & Bass.
Future bounce.
melodic house.
melodic techno.
progressive deep.


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