Vengeance Sound – Avenger Expansion pack: Cinematic 2 – UNLOCKED (Avenger)

By | January 14, 2020


Publisher : Vengeance Sound
Website : Vengeance Sound
Format : Avenger

Description : Cinematic 2 Extension for Avenger Synthesizer
This extension also works in the licensed version of Avenger
136 Avenger presets
22 new drumkits & sequences
35 new granular samples
40 new multisamples
50 new osc-shapes
10 new wavetables

Warning for licensed Avenger users
The functionality of UNLOCKED extensions is not guaranteed in future versions of the program (after 1.4.10): they can be blocked along with other unencrypted extensions, such as EDM1, PSY, Future Chill, etc., which worked in earlier versions (1.2.2)
UNLOCKED extensions are intended for import into the popular Avenger v1.4.10

One thought on “Vengeance Sound – Avenger Expansion pack: Cinematic 2 – UNLOCKED (Avenger)

  1. george

    Hello!!!! I have the Vengeance Avenger 1.4.10 and the cinematic 1 and 2 does not load.
    When i try to import the expansion its respond ” please make sure that your destination folder is writable”.
    Please inform me


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