United Plugins & Soundevice Digital – Plamen v1.1 – TCD (VST, VST3, AAX) [WiN x86 x64]

By | September 28, 2023


Year/Date of Issue: 09.2023
Version: 1.1
Developer: Soundevice Digital
Developer website: United Plugins
Format: VST, VST3, AAX
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Tablet: cured (TCD)
System requirements: Windows 8+

Description :
The difference between boring and exciting can sometimes simply be intensity. But not only its quantity, but also its character.
We believe that every frequency band deserves to be treated differently, and that’s why we created Plamen.
This flexible multi-band saturator can impart a different look and degree of saturation to each band, resulting in a balanced tone, and it can even do it in parallel!

Add. information :
Different frequency bands in audio can have different energy levels, and when you apply saturation evenly across the spectrum, it can result in an unbalanced sound. Plamen allows you to selectively add warmth and harmonics to five adjustable frequency ranges at different parallel levels, thereby achieving a more balanced and pleasing tonal character.

With Plamen, you can focus on specific elements of the mix, such as adding warmth and richness to the bass frequencies, adding harmonics to the mids to help instruments cut through the mix, or adding spark to the highs. This targeted enhancement helps highlight individual elements and promotes a clearer combination.

Plamen can be used on tracks with vocals and individual instruments, as well as on master tracks. This is a great tool for audio engineers and producers who want to experiment and create unique sounds. By applying different saturation characteristics to different frequency ranges with different dry/processed audio ratios, you can create interesting textures, harmonics, and timbres that may not be achievable with traditional saturation techniques.

Although Plamen has a lot of knobs, applying saturation is very simple. Simply select the saturation type, adjust the strip’s input gain, select the parallel amount of color added (MOJO), and balance the strip’s output volume. If you’re lacking drive, use AGC Boost to add an extra 10dB to the group input.

Plamen offers five different saturation types for each band, allowing you to choose the perfect color and character for your sound. Each strip can use three classic types of analog preamps: simulated tape saturation (Magnetic) or clipping (the saturation or distortion style common to many of the favorite AD-driven input types).

Additionally, you can add a general Tape Wow effect, which is a relatively slow form of flutter (pitch variation) that you may know from vintage tape recorders.
Four crossover points give you plenty of control over the frequencies you want to saturate. It’s your choice what you consider subs, bass, low mids, high mids and treble. The crossover operates in two modes. You can switch between linear phase or 6dB/octave analogue type.

Each frequency band can be soloed or muted (bypassed). This feature should be used when you are testing the impact of a specific band or simply want to add saturation to only selected bands. You can use not only the drive input of the bands, but also a fully parallel Mojo or an additional parallel Dry/Wet mix for the entire plugin! And this is all in the Linear phase!
Plamen goes all out with 2x, 4x and 8x oversampling to ensure maximum fidelity and flawless audio quality. By upsampling your audio, you can eliminate unwanted artifacts and distortion, leaving you with nothing but crystal-clear, professional-grade results.

TCD Note

x64: VST3, VST2, AAX | x86: VST3, VST2
Just install. Rock on and enjoy!

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