Unison – Ultimate One Shot Bundle (WAV)

By | March 19, 2023


Publisher : Unison
Website : Unison Audio
Format : WAV
Quality : 24 bit 96 kHz stereo

Description : Introducing: Unison Ultimate One-Shoot Bundle
A unique collection of professional-quality single samples that are guaranteed to help you create unique inimitable music and stand out from other competitors.

“Limited To Only 750 Copies”
Content :
With the Unison Ultimate One-Shot Bundle you’ll be able to:
Craft your “Signature Sound”, make your music stand out and finally get the recognition you deserve
Make your music sound unique, and create professional-quality songs with a nearly-unlimited pool of sounds to pull from
Master your workflow, and compete with top producers who have access to professional studios and giant marketing budgets
With it, you’ll be able to quickly select from over 1,600 unique one-shots available to you instantly…
You can drag & drop them into your projects, plug them into your favorite sampler, stretch them, transpose them, and use them to create new catchy, compelling, and innovative sounds.
Make your music stand out with 1,600+ unique one-shots to help you get more plays, more exposure, and build a raving fan base
Craft your “Signature Sound” and make top artists want to work with you by having your own unique, professional-sounding music style
With 11 instrument types across every genre, you’ll have an infinite pool of sounds to choose from to make your music timeless
Crush the competition with an arsenal of high-quality, radio-worthy sounds created for you by the Unison professional sound design team
Master your workflow by eliminating time-wasting activities like guesswork, sound design, EQ and compression from your creative process
Get unlimited inspiration from a whopping 11GB of sounds – all at 96khz and 24-bit depth for maximum quality when transposing

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