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Publisher: Toontrack
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: The Rooms of Hansa SDX is the work of the Grammy-winning sound engineer Michael Ilbert. The drums were recorded in one of the most iconic studios in existence today: Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin, Germany. Featuring a wide and hand-picked collection of drums captured in all four available studio rooms, this expansion for Superior Drummer 3 exhibits incredible breadth in terms of both tonal range and ambience.

Additional Information :
Six (6) complete kits in addition to many optional configurations
In total, 12 snares and 7 kicks as well as a broad collection of hi-hats and cymbals
Produced by Grammy Award-winning recording / mixing engineer Michael Ilbert (Adele, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Pink, Muse, Ed Sheeran)
Recorded at the legendary Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin, Germany
Features four individual room configurations including the iconic “Meistersaal”
“Meistersaal” setup recorded in 5.1 surround with two additional height / ambience microphone pairs
Also includes an extra stereo ambience captured in the famous Hansa staircase (available for select kits)


5 thoughts on “Toontrack – THE ROOMS OF HANSA (SDX)

  1. Ignacio

    Hola me dice. the library sound is damaged, please reinstalled. Que hago?

  2. Quake

    Dont understand , what is the point to put up something that is corrupted???

  3. Mauricio Olguin

    No se puede usar el archivo porque le falta la carpeta “Graphics”…


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