Tone2 – RayBlaster 2.6.0 (STANDALONE, VSTi) [WiN x64]

By | September 3, 2020


Year / Date of Issue: 08.2020
Version: 2.6.0
Developer: Tone2
Developer site: tone2
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: cured | R2R
System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8; Intel Pentium4 800MHZ

Description: Tone2 – RayBlaster – embodies a new synthesis method called Impulse Modeling Synthesis (IMS). Rather than looping a sound waveform, IMS creates sound through short bursts of energy, which then combine to form a specific sound. All of this allows you to freely manipulate pitch, time and timbre in real time to create complex compositions. IMS does not require a separate filter section, its oscillators can faithfully simulate the sound of filters from other synthesizers and filters using one of the built-in presets or by importing your own pulses. RayBlaster is capable of simulating existing filters as well as completely new artificial filters. In addition to importing filter characteristics, you can also import waveforms from any source and synthesizer. By using the fast Rayblaster importers, or by directly importing your sample into one of the 4 oscillators, you get a wide variety of waveforms that are morphing in real time

New in version :
It includes a big GUI, many new features, higher sound-quality, many enhancements and some fixes.
RayBlaster 2.6 is downward-compatible with all previous versions. All existing song projects and patches can be loaded without any further steps necessary. They will benefit from the enhanced sound-quality.

New features:
A big interface is available beside of the normal scale now.
It is possible to select from 4 GUI sizes in ‘Setup’.
The texts shown in the patch-browser on Mac support Hi-DPI drawing.
The plugin detects the best GUI-size automatically.
Added Digital-Signatures for the installers on PC.
Added Notarisation for the installers on Mac.
Support for Code-Signing on the Mac, since new hosts may require it to be able to run plugins.
Compatibility with MacOS Catalina.
Completely new AudioUnit interface.

More harmonic overall sound.
Enhanced sound of ‘Chorus’ and ‘Ensemble’. They sound smoother and less detuned.
Enhanced sound of ‘Delay’, ‘Delay Band’, ‘PingPong’, ‘Multitap’, ‘Delay Diffuse’ and ‘Delay Dual’. The echo sounds less detuned.
Higher precision audio-rendering.
Workaround for a well-known bug in Apple’s AU-manager: It is no longer necessary to reboot the Mac to detect the plugin.
Some texts on newer OS X-versions were looking ugly.
More contrast for the user-interface.
Removed the ugly reflections of the borders from the GUI.
PC-version is loading faster.
Better compatibility with Windows 10.
Activation-dialogue in also available in German.
New features and enhancements (standalone-version for PC):
Added a recorder that can export your jam-session to a WAV-file.
The BPM-rate can be changed.
Added a soft-clipping-algorithm with low harmonic distortion.
The current patch can be saved on exit and is reloaded automatically on start.
MME-driver support.
Midi-through support with output-routing.
Added MIDI-velocity-curves with multipoint-splines.
Optional MIDI-transposition with up to + -48 semitones.
Optional MIDI-channel-filtering.
The current BPM-rate, CPU-load and volume is shown on the top-panel.
Tooltips are shown on the top-panel.
Lower latency for the sound-card drivers.
More responsive GUI with 120 Hz refresh-rate for smooth knob movements.

The check-mark for the patch selector was missing in some hosts after closing and opening the GUI.
Fixed some GUI glitches in the browser which could appear if very long names are used.
Fixed the Y-coordinates of the texts on Mac.
Fixed a rarely appearing crash on the Mac that could happen when the plugin was deleted while a tooltip was shown.
Fixed a rarely appearing problem when envelope-parameters were not updated correctly.
Fixed an unlikely crash on the Mac which happened if the plugin was closed immediately after opening the browser.
Fixed a bug in the fast-sine-approximation on PC.
Fixed a bug with list-selectors on Mac 64-bit.
Updated some deprecated links.


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