Steinberg – HALion 7 v7.1.0 – R2R (STANDALONE, VSTi3, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | July 8, 2024


Year/Date of Release : 05.29.2024
Version : 7.1.0
Developer : Steinberg
Developer website : Steinberg
Format : SAL, VST3, AAX
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : present (R2R)
System requirements :
Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 11 ( 64-bit)

Description :
Steinberg HALion 7 – updated version of VST samplerAdd. information
The new product features an FM synthesis engine section, developed in collaboration with Yamaha, that allows you to combine up to eight operators, and the Algorithm Finder function makes it easy to create both classic Yamaha DX7 synthesizer sounds and modern FM sound patches. In addition, the software now supports importing files (SYX format) of instruments from Yamaha, including the DX7 and TX81Z. The next update is the Spectral Zone section, which has a spectral oscillator with Time-Stretch and Resynthesis algorithms with parameters such as Format Shift, Spectral Filter, Purity and Inharmonicity for various sample conversions.

HALion’s modulation capabilities have also been enhanced with a redesigned interface, allowing you to assign modulation sources and destinations using a drag-and-drop system or using the new Modulation Row interface (appears when you click on options). The Envelope module also includes brush, pen and eraser tools, allowing you to easily create your own envelopes in addition to a range of pre-designed shapes, while the new Shaper mode allows you to cycle between different envelope shapes in sync with your DAW’s tempo.

In addition, several updated effects were introduced, including: equalizer, delay, chorus, overdrive, envelope filter and the ability to import impulse response files for use in the REVerence reverb effect. Steinberg developers have reportedly included several built-in files created from iconic effects blocks from companies such as EMT and Lexicon. Other improvements in HALion 7 include expanded wavetable synthesis capabilities, an updated mixer with improved effects processing capabilities, and a redesigned MediaBay with easier viewing/selection of samples, layers, and presets.

R2R Note :
A witch says,
* No SteinbergLibraryManager is required (optional).
* No SteinbergActivationManager is required.
* Loads faster than legit version.
* No compatiblity issue with other legit Silk and Silk powered apps.
Read included R2R.txt to see how to install.
Read NFO of our emulator to know more about our emulator releases.



Uninstall the previous version (recommendation from R2R, so it’s up to you)

1. _ Install the R2RCA.cer certificate

Win+R > enter certmgr.msc > Enter > Trusted Root Certification Authorities > Certificates > RMB for “Certificates” > All tasks > import > point to the file R2RCA.cer
You can check whether the certificate has been installed using the file R2RCERTEST.exe

2. _ Install Setup Steinberg Silk Emulator v1.2.0.exe

3. _ Reboot OS

4. _ Install HALion7.msiInstall Generic_Lower_Latency_ASIO_Driver_64bit.msi – if necessary

5. _ Content folder _ place in :

If Steinberg Library Manager(SLM) is installed, launch it and drag the Content_ folder into the SLM window

If the certificate and emulator (Setup Steinberg Silk Emulator v1.2.0) from R2R are already installed, then skip steps No. 1-3

To install the content, check out our other release: Steinberg.HALion.7.Content-R2R.

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