Steinberg – Groove Agent 5 v5.0.40 (STANDALONE, VSTi3, AUi, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | June 11, 2021

Year of issue: 2021
Version: v5.0.40
Developer: Steinberg
Developer site: steinberg
Platform: Intel only
Interface language: English
Tablet: license generator for macOS (no WINDOWS emulation) | VR
System Requirements: macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra, macOS Mojave, macOS Big Sur on Intel Systems | 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core | Intel i5 or faster | RAM minimum 4 GB

Description: Make your beats with the best creative drum software – Groove Agent
Made for both composers and beatmakers, Groove Agent 5 includes the very best electronic and acoustic drums. One of the largest sets of acoustic percussion instruments ever featured in Groove Agent, it combines with a wide selection of modern drums, modern electronic drums and MIDI grooves to provide an inspiring rhythm instrument for producers in every genre – from jazz, funk and rock to trap. and EDM. Support for VST and AAX plug-in formats means Groove Agent 5 can be used with virtually any DAW.

New in version :
Groove Agent 5.0.40
Improvement macOS: Compatible with macOS Big Sur on Intel Systems
Groove Agent 5.0.30
GA-4923 Added uninstaller for Mac.
Added Drag and Drop of samples from the mapping view to Cubase and other destinations that accept wav-files.
“Export Kit with Samples” option now remembers last used path.
HALLY-8307 Fixed possible crash during recording with Cubase and GA5 SE
HALLY-8302 Fixed possible crash using Decompose with GA5 standalone
HALLY-8273 Fixed possible crash with Cubase 10 and GA5
HALLY-8266, HALLY8249, HALLY-8187, HALLY-8182, HALLY8169
Fixed possible crashes on opening / closing Cubase 10.5 projects containing GA5 SE
HALLY-8150 Fixed broken “Global Quantize” function in pattern editor
HALLY-8119 Fixed serious error with 64 GA SE instances in a project
HALLY-8020 Fixed possible crash while previewing in the Cubase MediaBay Rack
GA-4938 Fixed possible crash when closing Cubase project containing GA5 SE
GA-4930 Fixed non-functional “The Kit” UI when loading “The Kit” into Slot 2, 3or 4 (requires Content Download)
Fixed cracking, distortion and noise with Tube Saturator working in 96 kHz
GA-4864 Fixed non-working choke feature for “The Kit SE”
GA-4847 Fixed possible crash with pattern editing in combination with the slice mode
GA-4574 Fixed issue where it was not possible to adjust the preview volume in “Prelisten in Place” mode
GA-3506 Fixed hanging notes issue when recording from MIDI Out
GA-4944 Fixed issue where renamed instrument pad names were not be updated in the pattern editor
GA-4842 Improved Solo / Mute behavior for pads with a key range

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