Sonokinetic – Tutti Vox v1.2.0 (KONTAKT)

By | September 29, 2022


Publisher: Sonokinetic
Website: sonokinetic
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Library of samples of a new generation of orchestral cinematic choir.
The choir library has been on our list since our inception as a company, and now the time has finally come. It’s not just a choir library, as this project should be as close to the Sonokinetic style as possible, be as playable and flexible as a sampled choir can be, and still sound completely realistic.
We’ve spent a lot of time developing the Tutti Vox engine and we’re really, really proud of what we’ve designed; a new and innovative approach to working with a sampled choir.
The package includes three different instruments with tempo synchronization, focused on different elements of choral performance:
The main unit is the Tutti Vox Core, a large collection of unique vocal effects. Contains risers, falls, crescendi, decrescendi, clusters, ethereal beds and some very cool “semi-random” soundscapes that are constantly evolving. Some of our loops last over 40 seconds! Also included in the Core patch are full choral words, vowels, consonants, and shouts. No matter what kind of choral effect you need, Tutti Vox Core is your tool. It should inspire and instantly make your compositions more “human”.
Tutti Vox Lingua is our multi-sampled tool where you select word elements to build complex phrases. Customize the words, then unleash your creativity by applying on the keyboard with ranges of soprano, alto, tenor and bass sections tuned to your taste. Do you want different parts to sing different words at the same time? No problem with Lingua advanced, you can program your choir sections independently in ONE Kontakt instance. Also included is the Tutti Vox Spoken, an atonal speech recorded separately for male and female voices.

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