Soniccouture – The Hammersmith Professional Edition v2.7 (KONTAKT)

By | April 19, 2024


Publisher: Soniccouture
Website: Soniccouture
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

..It could be. The piano is very personal.
There’s always another “greatest”: more samples, more articulations, more tricks.
Hammersmith – our take on it.
We think it plays calmer, sounds clearer and is a little more realistic than any other sampled piano.
We hope you agree.

Additional Information :
Pianos Are Personal.
Everyone hears and feels them differently.

In Hammersmith Pro we give you lots of different ways to hear and feel it.

– Choose and blend different mics
– Adjust the touch response
– Fine tune pedal & damper noise details
– Tweak the tuning on individual keys or create new scales

We hope you can create the piano you need.

True Sustain Sampling
When you play a note on a piano, one string rings.
When you play a note and press the sustain pedal, all the strings ring.
We recorded Hammersmith both ways.
21 velocity layers per note with sustain pedal up and down.
You’ll hear the difference.

The Hammersmith Microphones
Choose between 6 mic setups to blend & create your piano sound.
– Neumann M49 Pair
– AKG D19 Mono
– Schoeps MK4 Pair
– Neumann KM133D Pair
– Neumann KU100 Binaural head
– Neumann M50 Decca tree

– 24 bit 48 khz stereo sampling
– over 30,000 samples
– 21 Velocity Layers
– Intelligent Anti-Repeat
– Real Sustain Pedal sampling ( all keys, 21 velocity layers)
– Scale Preset Library with User save/load
– Micro Tune Function
– Expression Control: Velocity curve edit
– Full Effects panel with custom convolution library
– 52 GB library (with NCW compression)

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