Sonic Charge – Synplant 2 v2.0.1 285 (VSTi, VST3i) [WIN x64]

By | December 9, 2023


Year/Date of Release : 11/13/2023
Version : 2.0.1 Build 285
Developer : Sonic Charge
Developer website :
Format : VSTi, VSTi3
Bit capacity : 64bit
Tablet : Yes
System requirements : WIN7+

Description : Synplant offers a genetic approach to sound design, going beyond the traditional rotation of knobs and adjusting dials, emphasizing exploration and discovery. Here your ears guide you through a forest of organic textures and shifting timbres.

Genopatch technology :
Genopatch creates synthetic tunings from audio recordings, using artificial intelligence to find optimal synth settings based on your original sample. As the threads in the user interface unravel and grow, they create settings that are increasingly relevant to the selected audio.
Sometimes you’ll get a perfect match; sometimes – something new and unexpected. This balance of precision and unpredictability makes Genopatch a unique tool for audio research.
Genopatch runs entirely on your local computer and does not require an internet connection.

Add. information :
About the medicine: the trial has been cured, sending data to the Internet/checking for updates has been disabled, Integrity check has been removed.

Treatment :
Copy and replace the Synplant.dll and Synplant.vst3 file from the “crack” folder:
VST2 : “C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins 64 bit\Sonic Charge\Synplant.dll”
VST3 : “C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Sonic Charge\Synplant.vst3”
or according to your current VST2/VST3 folders.

Problems and possible solutions :

1. Fading sound

  • Uninstall Synplant
  • Delete all Synplant/Sonic Charge folders/files
  • Delete the “HKCU\Software\NuEdge Development\SonicCharge” branch in the registry
  • Install Synplant
  • Make a Rescan of plugins in your DAW

2. Freezes/crashes while using Genopatch

  • Do not overclock the CPU and do not allow it to overheat.
  • Do not load other “heavy” processes while Genopatch is running
  • Try the Genopatch config from the developers for weak machines. Copy the file and replace it to “C:\Program Files\Sonic Charge\Synplant Genopatch\”. May cause Genopatch to freeze/freeze.

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