Smecno – sample set for Hauptwerk 3 and higher (Hauptwerk, WAV)

By | June 26, 2024


Manufacturer: Sonus Paradisi
Format: Hauptwerk, WAV
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 48 kHz Channels stereo, surround

Description: Sound virtual model of a historical organ from the Church of the Holy Trinity in Smekno (Czech Republic).
This instrument is usually classified as a Renaissance instrument. However, most of the regal pipes were destroyed during the Swedish occupation in 1631. The instrument was subsequently restored and supplemented with Rückpositiv registers. As a result of later reconstructions and additions, the organ acquired the features of a Czech baroque instrument.
The virtual model of the organ can be loaded, if desired, in two acoustic models – Dry and Wet (i.e. with a “dry” sound or in the acoustics of a temple space).
This version of the instrument is distributed without sample encoding and can be played in Stereo or Surround format for Hauptwerk in Evaluate or Free Edition.
A superbly executed Smecno virtual model can take its rightful place as a tool for those who strive for the authenticity of the old masters.
The organ worktable is available in two modifications – Renaissance (Original) and with the addition of Baroque registers Rückpositiv (Extended).

The Renaissance loading modification has an original pipe intonation (Original Organ Temperament) and can easily be changed to a setting familiar to modern ears in the Pitch HW menu.
RAM resource requirements:


full load, 16-bit: 3.4 GB
full load, 20-bit: 5.0 GB
full load, 24-bit: 6.3 GB


full load, 16-bit: 5.8 GB
full load, 20-bit: 8.6 GB
full load, 24-bit: 11.2 GB

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  1. Hauptwerk Sampler

    Hey, this sampleset doesn’t have a decent sampler. The sampler in this website is too old and many samples don’t play. Any chances of latest version of Hauptwerk?


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