skybox Audio – Hammers + Waves (KONTAKT)

By | January 10, 2023


Publisher: Skybox Audio
Website: skyboxaudio
Format: KONTAKT FULL & K’ed 6.0.1+
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: The present is only the beginning.
Hammers + Waves is a collection of modern keyboards crafted with incredible precision through robotic automation. Meet your new assistant!
We all have pianos and keyboards, but this collection of modern instruments adds a whole new dimension. Captured by humans, but played by robots (yes, indeed, robots!), each key can have the same 16 dynamic layers, providing a smooth playing experience and unparalleled realism.

Skybox Audio has created a sound stage where even the most experienced sound designers will be interested! There are tons of effects and even a built-in granular synth! With all this content, is Hammers + Waves going to be your new keyboard companion?

Hammers + Waves contains a huge amount of content. If you’re looking for a collection of various keyboards or hammer-based instruments, this is a great collection full of impeccable sampling.
If you want to take things a step further with almost endless sound design possibilities, then this is one hundred percent for you. I played with Hammer + Waves for hours, creating not only weird and wonderful sounds, but absolutely beautiful cinematic sounds.

This is an instrument full of incredible sounds and huge, endless possibilities. Well thought out, well designed and simply fantastic in every way!

9 thoughts on “skybox Audio – Hammers + Waves (KONTAKT)

  1. penisdward

    Installed normally and everything good, until loading the instrument, it asks for a license, and the folder ”cracked” in unreadable

  2. Big Pluck

    Same here, after install I chose a patch and it asks for the license.
    What do I do with this .nkr file?

  3. smth

    Guys , you have to copy the file from the crack folder , then paste it where Hammers + waves is located , normally it will be located in Public Documents if you didn’t change anything in the setup , but you can change that.

  4. Smth

    Then you load the library on kontakt , go to settings and choose library settings , choose the nkr from crack file , or save yourself all of that work and put the nkr from crack in the samples folder

  5. Monk boy


  6. andzej

    It doesn`t work for me πŸ™ I`ve already copied the nkr file to “hammer and waves” location and also to the samples folder. Hammer and waves appears in “kontakt” but only as a demo version. I can use it for a 10 minutes and then it turns off with activation notice πŸ™


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