reFX – Nexus 3 v3.3.9 – 28.03.2021 (VSTi) [WiN x64]

By | March 28, 2021


Year / Date of Issue: 03.2021
Version: v3.3.9
Developer: reFX
Developer site: reFX
Format: VSTi
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: Cured
System requirements:
Windows 8 and Windows 10
Pentium class 2.0 GHz processor with SSE3 support
8GB of RAM (16GB or more highly recommended)
Display with 1024-by-768 or higher resolution

Changes since this distribution reFX – Nexus 3.3.9 – 03.2021 VSTi Win x64
Because the torrent file was larger than the 5MB allowed size, some of the Nexus 3 content was put into an ISO image.
Added missing extensions:
Nexus3 XP: EDM 6
Nexus3 XP: Techno
Nexus3 XP: Psytrance 2

Description: The developer of programs reFX presented a new version of the popular Nexus rompler, which received a completely redesigned design and layout of controls, improved performance and an updated library.
reFX Nexus 3 has three columns for navigating presets and folders, settings for tags and bookmarks, the ability to add instruments to favorites, and save custom presets. Each sound can now be previewed before use, and instruments can be searched for by tags or names. The plugin has got a new arpeggiator with an increased pattern length, a modified effects section (EQ, filter, reverb, delay, limiter) with a visualizer and a newly developed sequencer.
Other Nexus 3 features include: scalable interface, Nexus 2 compatibility, 16,000 instrument presets, 170GB library. The program can work in VST formats and supports most popular workstations.

Nexus2 XP: Analog
Nexus2 XP: Analog 2
Nexus2 XP: Analog 3
Nexus2 XP: Analog DrumKits
Nexus2 XP: Apres-ski 2
Nexus2 XP: Apres-ski
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series 7 Skies
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series 7 Skies 2
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series Bodybangers
Nexus3 XP: Artist Series KSHMR
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series Klaas
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series Steve Aoki
Nexus2 XP: Artist Series Tiësto
Nexus2 XP: Bass
Nexus2 XP: Bass 2
Nexus2 XP: Bigtone Signature
Nexus2 XP: Bigtone Signature 2
Nexus2 XP: Bigtone Signature 3
Nexus2 XP: Breaks and Risers
Nexus2 XP: Chillout Lounge
Nexus2 XP: Classic Dance
Nexus2 XP: Classic Trance
Nexus3 XP: Commercial Dance
Nexus2 XP: Commercial Electro
Nexus2 XP: Commercial Electro 2
Nexus2 XP: Dance
Nexus2 XP: Dance 3
Nexus2 XP: Dance Drums
Nexus2 XP: Dance Orchestra
Nexus2 XP: Dark Planet
Nexus2 XP: Deep House
Nexus2 XP: Deep House 2
Nexus2 XP: Drum and Bass
Nexus2 XP: Dubstep-Electro
Nexus2 XP: Dubstep-Electro 2
Nexus2 XP: Dubstep-Electro 3
Nexus3 XP: Dubstep-Electro 4
Nexus2 XP: EDM
Nexus2 XP: EDM 2
Nexus2 XP: EDM 3
Nexus2 XP: EDM 4
Nexus3 XP: EDM 5
Nexus2 XP: EDM Leads
Nexus2 XP: EDM Voices
Nexus2 XP: EDM Voices 2
Nexus2 XP: Electro House Leads
Nexus2 XP: Electro House Leads 2
Nexus2 XP: FM
Nexus2 XP: FM 2
Nexus2 XP: FX
Nexus3 XP: Feel Good House
Nexus2 XP: Festival EDM
Nexus2 XP: Freaky Machines
Nexus2 XP: Future Arps
Nexus2 XP: Future Arps 2
Nexus2 XP: Future Arps 3
Nexus2 XP: Future Arps 4
Nexus2 XP: Future Bass
Nexus2 XP: Future Bass 2
Nexus2 XP: Future Chill
Nexus2 XP: Future House
Nexus2 XP: Future House 2
Nexus2 XP: Future Pop Voices
Nexus2 XP: Guitars
Nexus2 XP: HandsUp Leads
Nexus2 XP: HandsUp-Electro Bass
Nexus2 XP: HandsUp-Electro Bass 2
Nexus2 XP: HandsUp-Electro Bass 3
Nexus2 XP: Hardcore Italia
Nexus2 XP: Hardstyle
Nexus2 XP: Hardstyle 2
Nexus2 XP: Hip Hop
Nexus2 XP: Hip Hop 2
Nexus2 XP: Hip Hop 3
Nexus3 XP: Hip Hop 4
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 2 Winds & Brass
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 2 Core Library
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 2 Drums & FX
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 2 Strings
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 3 Drumkits & Percussions
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 3 Epic Collection
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 3 Ethno
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood 3 Guitars
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Action Trailer
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Percussion Loops
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Percussion Loops 2
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Sound FX
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Synth Edition
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Synth Edition 2
Nexus2 XP: Hollywood Synth Edition 3
Nexus2 XP: House
Nexus2 XP: House 2
Nexus2 XP: House 3
Nexus2 XP: K-Pop
Nexus2 XP: Kamui
Nexus2 XP: Kamui 2
Nexus2 XP: Millennium Pop
Nexus2 XP: Millennium Pop 2
Nexus2 XP: Moombahton
Nexus2 XP: Moombahton 2
Nexus2 XP: NuDisco
Nexus2 XP: NuElectro
Nexus2 XP: Omicron
Nexus2 XP: Omicron 2
Nexus2 XP: Omicron 3
Nexus2 XP: Pop
Nexus2 XP: Progressive Tech House
Nexus2 XP: Progressive Tech House 2
Nexus2 XP: Rauschwerk
Nexus2 XP: Rauschwerk 2
Nexus2 XP: Rauschwerk 3
Nexus2 XP: Reggaeton
Nexus2 XP: Reggaeton 2
Nexus2 XP: Sound of the 80s
Nexus2 XP: Sound of the 90s
Nexus2 XP: Sound of the 90s 2
Nexus2 XP: Sounds of the Summer
Nexus2 XP: Sounds of the Summer 2
Nexus2 XP: Sounds of the Summer 3
Nexus2 XP: Spinning House
Nexus2 XP: Spinning House 2
Nexus2 XP: Store’n’Forward
Nexus2 XP: Stratosphere
Nexus2 XP: Stratosphere 2
Nexus2 XP: Stratosphere 3
Nexus2 XP: Swedish House
Nexus2 XP: Swedish House 2
Nexus2 XP: Synthwave
Nexus3 XP: Synthwave 2
Nexus2 XP: Trance Anthems
Nexus2 XP: Trance Anthems 2
Nexus2 XP: Trance Elements
Nexus2 XP: Trance Leads
Nexus2 XP: Trance Leads 2
Nexus2 XP: Trance Universe
Nexus2 XP: Trap
Nexus2 XP: Trap 2
Nexus2 XP: Trap 3
Nexus2 XP: Trap 4
Nexus2 XP: Tropical House
Nexus2 XP: Tropical House 2
Nexus3 XP: Tropical House 3
Nexus2 XP: Twerk
Nexus2 XP: Vocoder

Extensions that are NOT in the distribution:
Nexus3 XP: Happy Hardcore
Nexus3 XP: Hardstyle 3
Nexus3 XP: Progressive House
Nexus3 XP: Studio Production 1
Nexus3 XP: Lo-fi


Installation :

Some antivirus programs remove the Nexus3.39.dll file. Disable antivirus (or add this file to the exceptions)

1. Mount the Nexus 3 Installation Files.iso image

2. Find the Copy to folder Nexus Content in the mounted image, open it and copy all files from it. Go to the path where you saved the files from this distribution, namely to the reFX Nexus 3 folder and in it in the Nexus Content and paste the copied files

3. Find the Copy to DISK C folder in the image and copy the Users folder from it and paste it into the root of Disk C (open Disk C and paste the Users folder into this location)

4. Also from the Copy to DISK folder, copy the VST folder to the folder where your plugins are stored. For example C: \ Program Files \ Steinberg \ VSTPlugins

5. Go to the path C: \ Users \ Public \ Documents \ reFX \ nexus (aka Drive C: \ Users \ General \ Shared Documents \ reFX \ nexus) and open the settings.json file with notepad

6. Find the line “library_folder”: “E: \\ reFX Nexus 3 \\ Nexus Content”, and change this path E: \\ reFX Nexus 3 \\ Nexus Content to your own to the Nexus Content folder. Please note that the path uses two characters \\ and then save the changes in this file

The size of the Nexus Content folder should be as follows:


In the Nexus itself, everything should turn out like this:


56 thoughts on “reFX – Nexus 3 v3.3.9 – 28.03.2021 (VSTi) [WiN x64]

  1. niknakuu

    Is there any virus files included? hehe i’m just scared coz many cracked version has viruses in it.

  2. James

    Bro if there file had a virus and they didnt care enough about to still post it, you think they’d tell you? LMFAO

  3. Jungel Guldig

    Wanna post a version without any +expansions?
    I would like to choose +expansions that i like

  4. Cyrus

    I can’t understand why they include version 3 presets when none of them work. ONLY Nexus 2 expansions work. Don’t waste time downloading it.

  5. Royalewitcheeez

    Thx for the heads up on the fact that it’s only N2 Expansions that work…and there’s a virus? nah..I stick w/ what I

  6. DC

    Guys i installed and everything works perfect for me. Just mention that it has a trojan (Trojan:Win32/Ymacco.AADF) i recomend you guys backup your system before installing and if it damages the system you just have to Restore from the system restore point and everything will be like before, i did it and there’s no problem, proceed at your own risk and thanks for sharing.

  7. Mister BAM

    If you follow the installation instructions, everything works fine!!! MANY THANKS!!!

  8. Mister BAM

    be sure to COPY refx folder to C:\Users\Public\Documents so you wont get the password error

  9. Jim

    Just to hopefully help anyone, and there appears to be quite a few, who probably made a similar mistake as I did and get the activation screen requiring a password which doesn’t appear to exist!
    As much as I appreciate all involved in bringing this content to us out there, it can be a bit perplexing when the installation instructions aren’t fully comprehended in the manner required to be successful for the end-user, and no follow up is offered. I understand it’s not in anyone’s remit in these cases to do so, however this does not address the issue at hand and this is where I’d like to help.
    Firstly I would like to suggest that if the creator of this site is reading this, and anyone else for that matter, I for one would be willing to contribute via Braves BAT token monthly tip scheme if this was made acceptable through the sites settings. Maybe then this collective show of appreciation may possibly encourage a more responsive feedback? Just a suggestion?
    Next, I managed to get this app working on the 2nd attempt. Thanks to all involved in this and all else you do!
    It appears an instruction was omitted to place the preset content in the folder with the long number in which you point the command line to in the settings jsoc file.
    Finally, anyone concerned about the trojan alert – I’m no software expert, but I do know that false positives are very often flagged in the files that are modified to circumvent the security utilised in the apps licensing / registering function. This is just something you’ll experience if you wish to evaluate the apps without paying. (and possibly discovering you’ve paid out for something you’re not going to be happy with long-term?)
    I hope I’ve explained this as best as I intended and been of some help to anyone frustrated out there as I have been on occasions.
    Best regards!

  10. Teddy Long

    I see all the presets but only some of the sounds works. How do you make all the sounds work ?

  11. KF

    You have to go into C drive, then user, then shared. then shared documents and open refx map. and open the settings and change the command line “library_folder”: “E: \\ reFX Nexus 3 \\ Nexus Content”. that was my problem when i couldent see any librarys in the plugin. because i hade copied it to the regular documents and not the shared documents. hope this helps someone 🙂

  12. Venom

    Where is the download button?? Please somebody help a fellow producer….

  13. Aruthor

    Godsend! Everything is working perfectly for me, other comments must’ve not followed the instructions properly. Go for it 🙂

  14. Aruthor

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, 2nd download button (Blue & green) at the bottom of the post, above the comments section.

  15. Oceanman

    I couldn’t manage library, please help??? As stated, I mapped the library address in public documents to my own nexus content but it still did not work.

  16. Jay

    My Problem with the library was when I copied my path to the command line “library_folder”: “E: \\ reFX Nexus 3 \\ Nexus Content” I forgot in order for the path to work on the note pad, you must use “//” instead of the mistake I did and only used “\”. Every thing works 100% for me. That was my only issue.

  17. Giacomo

    Carissimi Grazie!
    Leggendo i commenti ho compreso che non bisogna sbagliare.
    Su windows7 ho copiato tutte le cartelle presenti in “nexus content” dentro
    c:\program files(86)\reFX\reFX Nexus 3\
    Ovviamente se non esistono queste cartelle…te le crei.
    La copia ci mette moltissimo tempo poiché vengono copiati 165 GB di files.
    Sucessivamente nella distribuzione iso, apro la cartella “copy to folder nexus content” e trovo la cartella “preset” che copio sempre in c:\program files(86)\reFX\reFX Nexus 3\
    Se non esiste, creo questa path manualmente:
    qui dentro, copio il contenuto dell’iso situato dentro la cartella “COPY TO DISK\user\public\documents\refx\nexus\”sono pochi files ma….qui troviamo il famoso file settings.json che apro usando il programma notepad++.
    Quindi modifico la path:
    “library_folder”: “E:\\reFX Nexus 3\\Nexus Content”,
    “library_folder”: “C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Refx\\reFX Nexus 3”,
    e salvo il file.
    sempre dentro la cartella “COPY TO DISK” troviamo la cartella VST
    apriamola e troviamo la famosa dll che dicono sia un virus ma non lo é!
    E il file key.
    ho copiato questi files dentro
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Vstplugins\
    e dentro
    C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins\
    per dar luogo a vst da 32 o 64 bit di compatibilità.
    Queste path sono importanti se si vuol usare Nexus sui propri DAW.
    Io ad esempio ho dovuto dare la path di ricerca plugin a Bandlab Cakewalk.
    Non mi chiede alcuna mail o password ed ho tutte le song da paura!
    Grazie Team….

  18. Angry Bird

    i need help installing any expansion please,
    i just installed nexus and factory presets are working well,
    i also added the right path in json file and all the presets are shown in nexus now but no sound because i didn’t download all expansions,
    So I’ve downloaded some expansions that i like and placed them into Samples folder but still no sound

  19. Thato Lehutso

    I got the plugin to work i.e. does not ask for activation.

    When I change the path to point at the 169gb content folder, no samples are shown.

    Strangely, if I point it at my Nexus 2 folder or the Nexus 3 factory library (, they load without an issue.

    I am not sure why this huge folder doesnt load. I even tried loading the presets from the 169gb folder to the working factory folder and it stops working. So something in that big folder is problematic.

  20. amwerico

    Hello everyone! In the first place, there are already videos on YouTube on how to install it correctly and secondly, almost most antivirus detects the cracked files of almost all programs as a threat, but that is easy if you think that this threat can do something to you, you just have to use the program with the antivirus deactivated the moment in which they will only use it and then activate the antivirus again and of course it will erase the cracked dll but when they want to use it again they just copy and paste it in the usual place and nothing happens the program will work normal without modifying anything before. I don’t know if he let me understand?

  21. Top notch

    works great just follow the instructions given and it works perfect thanks for the plugin wanted this for along time.

  22. Giacomo Vespo

    Ragazzi, se avete problemi con Nexus, disinstallatelo e ripetete l’installazione come lo spiego nel mio post precedente.

  23. Kid Koala

    Hey Guys, anyone who is getting the email and password error. Please follow the instructions and copy the content from Copy To disk C to the “Public Documents” and not your “My Documents”. It should definitely work. I had the same issue. Also please make sure you change the library file path as instructed in the JSON file at the new location i.e. Public Documents and all the libraries should work properly. Hope it helps.

  24. richard

    Not worth the Download time or Space for such a big setup, and virus , setup Problems , Simply not worth it .

  25. Giacomo Vespo

    Richard nessun virus e configurazione semplice…dai che riesci!

  26. Giacomo Vespo

    2 – WINDOWS DEFENDER DEVE TRALASCIARE IL FILE nexus3.39.dll (Fake Virus!)
    Il file nexus3.39.dll viola una protezione usata da windows, quindi é una DLL che bypassa
    i controlli di Nexus 3!
    4 – Accertati che Defender di windows10, non abbia bloccato il plugin durante il suo avvio.
    5- Dopo aver fatto prove su prove con windows10 pro consumer edition, ho risolto
    facendo dapprima l’installazione di nexus 2.2
    Nexus 3 Sostituisce Nexus 2.2 e usa anche le sue espansioni.
    Buon divertimento a tutti.

  27. tya007

    Ho fatto come hai detto, ma tutti i suoni continuano ad essere muti… sapresti aiutarmi?

  28. Frenchie

    I made it work by adding a 7th step in the install process :

    7. Move the “presets” folder into the “Nexus Content” folder.
    That way, the libraries appear and you get the sounds for them.

    Have fun

  29. Chris


  30. 'Lima_x

    did everything in the install instructions but it won’t even load in ableton live 10 and crashdes to desktop.
    what i am doing wrong ??

  31. Literally_Bladee

    Is there chance anyone could link a video of how to install this I’ve got everything working apart from finding the content folder. I don’t know if I can just have the Nexus Content just anywhere or if I have to put it in the shared documents.

  32. isaac

    todo bien en la instalacion, que hago con la carpeta nexus content de 165 gb?

  33. edu

    alguien puede pasarme el link de descarga? no me aparece ningun link …..

  34. Sheth Nikhil

    Could someone please confirm that the .dll is not a real trojan ?
    This got me paranoid haha.

  35. elvida

    J’ai un problème avec la library, j’ai bien suivi toutes les instructions mais Nexus me marque qu’il n’y a aucun preset. Qu’est ce que je peux faire pour que ça se résolve?

  36. Sel

    the nexus 3.39.dll has a dridex bank and passwords stealer inside of it, on top of that, when using the plugin inside of fl studio, after using it for awhile, a random black screen recorder popped up on my computer that was trying to install itself and was looking at my desktop, with an icon of a man in a suit, someone from somewhere is and will try to get access to your computer while using this plugin.

  37. DavidA.

    if you get stuck on ” EMAIL PASSWORD” ETC, Follow the instructions on the description and open settings.json on notepad/text editor etc and change “library folder line” AGAIN, copy evything as instructed and open the file named ( SETTINGS.JSON ) on NOtepad or text editor to change the line were it says “library folder”


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