Rattly And Raw – The Cassyntherette (KONTAKT)

By | August 11, 2022


Publisher: Rattly And Raw
Website: www.rattlyandraw.com/the-cassyntherette.html
Quality: 8 bit 22 kHz mono

Description: TWO synthesizers, one of which uses the waveforms of classic synths and sampled by a very rare Cassamplerette cassette recorder, which uses a “dirty” and noisy recording mechanism. While the Cassamplerette has been recorded in loops and one shots of real instruments, the CasSYNTHerette is a fully functional synth instrument using the waveforms of some of the classic, recorded and looped recording systems on cassette systems.

Additional Information
• FOUR cassette tape-based waveform oscillator faders: Square, Triangle, PWM and Soft (a combination wave from a classic synth)
• Additional SUB oscillator fader!
• Tape cassette noise fader with stereo and tone controls
• Individual waveform tuning via tape speed controls! These are deliberately unrefined!
• Individual waveform pans
• HP/LP Filter + lfo + envelope
• Amplitude envelope
• x2 custom convolution reverbs with tone control. One very rare cranky vintage spring verb and one old spacey hardware digital verb!
• Fully controllable delay
• Two state distortion control with ‘soften’ control
• Saturation control
• LoFi (Bitcrush) control
• Chorus and Flanger controls
• Wonkiness control – magnify the cassette tape wobbliness!
• Switchable MONO/POLY
• LOADS of naughty presets

KONTAKT 4.2.4+

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