Piotr Nowotnik – Lira Korbowa I Starter v1.1 (KONTAKT)

By | April 3, 2024


Publisher: Piotr Nowotnik
Website: pmn.selz.com
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Piotr Nowotnik – Lira Korbowa I Starter – Micro library of sounds, custom-made Polish barrel organ.
This is an authentic recording of the instrument – sampled with very little post-processing to enhance authenticity and preserve its true overtones. “Lira Korbowa-Pack One” is the first part of the hurdy – gurdy collection
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Additional Information :
A micro library “Lira Korbowa – Pack I” for Kontakt – custom-built Polish hurdy-gurdy – in its first reiteration features 1.5 octave of melodic strings sampled together with C/F drones in Lydian mode, as well as its original C drone with melodic strings sampled separately for more melodic flexibility.
This is an authentic recording of my instrument – sampled with very little post-processing for higher authenticity and to preserve its genuine overtones.
“Lira Korbowa – Pack One” is the first installation of hurdy-gurdy collection I am planning to release gradually: starting from simple, playable patches – delivering the authentic sonic enjoyment of this unique instrument – to more complex extended techniques and unique playing styles.
It is said that “there are no two hurdy-gurdies with identical sound” – I want to make this a tagline for this collection…
Having in mind that on an actual hurdy-gurdy, we will hear ‘open melodic string’ in the keyboard’s ‘resting’ state, I have placed “open-G” just 5th apart from the drone so your left pinky can hold the drone and your thumb press ‘Open G’ whenever ‘all melodic notes are released’ – this is a very practical approach to tackling the HG technique
I recorded key-attack noise and all the hurdy-gurdy noises without ‘synthesizing it’ – these key ‘clicks’ you hear are the real thing!
Thank you all for your support.

Developed in Kontakt 5.4.1 so you’ll need this version or above to use this library. Library will only load in ‘demo’ mode in the free Kontakt Player.

***** UPDATE 1.1 RELEASED *****
“Lira Korbowa I – Starter” is an official update to my initial “Lira Korbowa – Pack I” release. What’s new?
* new UI/looks
* more responsive attack times for chanter notes
* multiFX controls
* new ‘extended’ patch + legato chanter
* new ‘beLow’ organ-like patch for extra low droning experience
(2 octaves below)
* a selection of percussive bonus samples from upcoming ‘buzzDog’ added!
* overall revamp!
PS: yank the MOD WHEEL to kick-start legato patch on initialisation
Patches in version 1.1:
Lira Korbowa – Starter
Lira Korbowa – Starter – beLow
Lira Korbowa – Starter – Extended
Lira Korbowa – Starter – ExtendedChanterLegato
Lira Korbowa – Starter – Lydian – Bonus Perc

Piotr Nowotnik

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