Output – Analog Strings v1.0.1 + Expansions (KONTAKT)

By | August 8, 2020


Publisher: Output
Website: Output
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Where beauty meets car
Analog Strings is a virtual instrument for the modern music maker. It allows you to create and perform string sounds that are insanely unique and modern, yet beautiful and creative.


v1.0.1 – 2019-04-04
Updated NKS images.
Additional Information
Raw Ingredients
We captured the best of the best. Two string orchestras, the rarest vintage synths, and unconventional elements for sound design.
Blended together, these sounds create the perfect starting point.
Behind the Engine
The Analog Strings software engine is brand new, built specifically to manipulate strings. Advanced modulation routing, dual tape loopers, dual arpeggiators, flux and macro control all give you control to make each sound your own. Back that with a 39 GB sound library (20 GB compressed) and 500 presets and you have enough content to keep you busy for years.

Beds with modern edge and a dash of grit to frame the foundation of your tracks and double chords of your progressions with mesmerizing layers of hybrid synths & organic strings.
A modern revival of the 80s. Retrofuturistic synths and string hybrids that sound stranger than science fiction.
Required Kontakt Player or Full v5.6.5

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