Native Instruments – Kontakt 7 v7.6.1 – HCiSO (STANDALONE, VST3i, AUi) [OSX]

By | October 19, 2023


Year of manufacture: 2023
Version: 7.6.1
Developer: Native Instruments
Developer website: Native Instruments
Platform: Intel/Apple Silicon Universal
Interface language: English
Tablet: Cured with HCiSO
System requirements: Intel Macs (i5 or higher): macOS 11, 12 or 13 (latest update)
Apple Silicon Macs (via Rosetta 2 & natively on ARM in Standalone or in hosts that support it): macOS 11, 12 or 13 (latest update)
4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended for large KONTAKT Instruments)
macOS (64-bit only): Stand-alone, VST3, AU, AAX

Description: KONTAKT’S UNIVERSAL INSTRUMENTATION PLATFORM is everything from instant inspiration for music creators to an industry-leading tool for creating instruments. This transformative platform is more than just a sampler. For two decades, she has created blockbuster soundtracks and topped the charts, as well as thousands of incredible instruments.

What’s new?
Version 7.6.1 – 2023-10-12
Bug fix
IMPROVED “Version too old” dialog now refers to the exact Kontakt version required to open a preset
IMPROVED Orange instrument focus rectangle is now reduced to a strip on the left side of the instrument header
IMPROVED Mapping Editor display option adjustments are now stored immediately upon change
FIXED Crash when attempting to save an instrument that attempts to MIDI learn or host automate above 512th instance of a KSP widget
FIXED Crash when instantiating a send effect when the output channel is set to Mono
FIXED Crash on quickly swapping presets while notes are playing under certain conditions
FIXED Rare seemingly random voice dropouts in DFD mode when using loop crossfades
FIXED From script modulator could cause Kontakt to hang under certain conditions
FIXED Virtual keyboard was not shown by default when instantiating Kontakt on fresh install
FIXED Kontakt did not instantiate in single mode on fresh install
FIXED KSP set_controller() did not work in persistence_changed callback when instrument is set to Omni
FIXED KSP $ENGINE_PAR_RINGMOD_LFO_WAVE getter always returned 0
FIXED KSP DFD preload buffer issue when using zone parameter setters on purged zones

6 thoughts on “Native Instruments – Kontakt 7 v7.6.1 – HCiSO (STANDALONE, VST3i, AUi) [OSX]

  1. Jerry Bentley

    Please!!? Can’t you hear the sorrow in his voice??!! What are you?? Monsters?!?! Give him the Windows version he needs before… and I feel like an absolute scad fo’ saying this… … … … but before he dies!!! Of heartbreak. How many of us have every felt the pain?? It consumes yo’ very soul. Very few of us… dare I say none; we should not one of us die from this digital born illness that was constructed by the mere mortal man with a sick ass led mechanical gaming keyboard who holds it above our meek heads. For I have discovered a similar mechanical keyboard on Amazon with a $26 rebate that has 7 additional modes and can be controlled not only by the included remote, but by the app as well. I’m not going to say exactly what keyboard it is, but you’ll easily find it.

  2. Spencer E

    Will this just automatically override any previous version of Kontakt 7 I have installed or do I need to unistall any previous version before installing this one?

  3. mister bee

    don’t work for me correct in m1 Sonoma .
    yes it starts and plays ,
    buuuuut it always start with the new Library view, and I need every time switch to the old view with the library at the side. so I get back to older version


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