Logic Pro 11.0 – TNT [OSX]

By | May 25, 2024


Year of manufacture: 2024
Version: 11.0
Developer: Apple
Developer website: https://www.apple.com/logic-pro/
Platform: Intel/Apple Silicon Universal
Interface language: English
Tablet: TNT
System requirements:
macOS 13.5 and later
A screen with a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels or higher.
OS X 10.5 or later.
Requires 64-bit Audio Unit plugins.
6 GB of free disk space for minimal installation; 72 GB for a complete installation of the Sound Library.

Description: Logic Pro X is the most advanced version of Logic. Powerful tools for professional music production, audio processing and mixing are built into a modern interface for fast quality results and ease of use – wherever you are. Logic Pro X includes a huge collection of musical instruments, effects, and loops—everything you need to create great compositions.

Additionally: According to reports from various public pages on the network, almost all functions related to the use of AI only work on M* processors!

Powerful interface
• Group and manage multiple tracks and create complex, multi-layered instruments with Track Stacks.
• Control multiple plugins and parameters with one click using Smart Controls.
• Create, edit, and navigate compositions using easy-to-use Touch Bar controls on MacBook Pro.

Professional music production
• Organize takes into folders and easily create compilations with Quick Swipe Comping.
• Create new playlists of regions and track edits and switch between them using the Track Alternatives feature.
• Render any combination of audio effects plugins for selected audio files using Selection-based Processing.
• Correct inaccuracies in vocal parts and change the melodies of recorded tracks with Flex Pitch.
• Easily control the size and tempo of any recording with Flex Time.
• Use full automation of mixing parameters and plugins for part of a region or track.
• Compose and mix music from anywhere in the room with Logic Remote on your iPad or iPhone.

Percussion instruments
• Create realistic drum tracks—acoustic, electronic, or hip-hop—with Drummer, a virtual session drummer and beat generator.
• Choose from 28 drummers who set the rhythm and perform millions of unique variations.
• Design your own drum kits with Drum Kit Designer using a collection of carefully sampled drums.
• Change the sound of electronic rhythms using Drum Machine Designer.

Keyboards and synthesizers
• Get inspired by an impressive selection of synthesizers – analog, wave, operator, additive, granular, spectral and physical.
• Easily discover sounds or create new ones with Alchemy’s stunning sample synth.
• Use a variety of sampled instruments or create new ones with EXS24 Sampler.
• Instantly transform simple chords into rich harmonies with the Arpeggiator feature.

Equipment for guitar and bass guitar
• Create your own guitar and bass stands with Amp Designer using classic and modern amps, hardware systems and microphones.
• Create your own set of Pedalboard pedals from a collection of effects such as delay, distortion, modulation.

Original sound effects
• Perform your compositions in realistic acoustic spaces with Space Designer’s convolution reverb.
• Use vintage tape, multi-tap and stereo delay effects.

Sound Library
• More than 2800 patches of instruments and sound effects.
• 1000 carefully sampled instruments.
• Over 7,000 Apple Loops in a wide variety of genres.

• Expand your library of instruments and effects with compatible third-party Audio Unit plugins.
• Remotely add new tracks to your Logic project from your iPhone or iPad via iCloud using the GarageBand export feature.
• Import and export XML files to support Final Cut Pro X workflows.
• Open projects created in Logic 5 or later.

5 thoughts on “Logic Pro 11.0 – TNT [OSX]

  1. Eddo

    Yes, the app works as it should. As this is made for a Mac, you can be sure you’ll have to tie down your network connection pretty intensely to ensure Apple doesn’t learn you have their app installed without paying for it. Apple has several different processes to check on 3rd party apps for compliance, for their own apps there are even more. Get yourself a good firewall and learn what you can and can’t allow to pass through your network because although you won’t be arrested for it, if they can prove it they can “deny” you their services which means no more icloud account etc. I recommend Little Snitch although there’s a good free one out there, you just have to know how a network filter works so you can be sure you’re stopping the app and Apple from phoning home to tell them you have their software, on the OS Apple wrote 🙂


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