Image-Line – FL Studio Producer Edition v21.2.2 Build 3914 + All Plugins Edition + FLEX Extensions – RePack [WiN x64]

By | December 14, 2023


Year/Date of Issue: 12/12/23
Version: 21.2.2 Build 3914.
Developer: Image-Line.
Developer’s website: Image-Line
Bit depth: 64bit
Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese.
Tablet: Cured [WD]
System requirements: WIN 10+

FL Studio is a complete music production software environment or digital audio workstation (DAW).
With more than 20 years of innovative developments, it combines everything you need for composing, arranging, recording,
editing, mixing and creating professional quality music.

Characteristics and Features

Advanced Audio:
Multi-track audio recording Time stretching and pitch bending during editing.

Industry-leading piano role editor MIDI recording and control of pattern or linear workflow.

Mixing and effects:
Multi-track mixer Control automation Support for VST plugins.

Mix and master music to the highest professional standards. All the features you need to create today’s most complex products, including effects chains, audio sends, sidechain control, advanced automation, plug-in latency compensation and more…

Piano Roll:
Pianoroll in FL Studio has a well-deserved reputation as the best Pianoroll in the business. Piano roll is used to transfer notes and automation data to connected instruments (sequencing). It includes a wide range of tools for complex editing and working with scores.

Browser and playlist:
No other DAW can match the flexibility of FL Studio’s playlist. Sequence all elements of the project to create the final composition. Tracks can contain notes, audio, and automation. Place any type of data anywhere and even overlay it on top of each other. Use the Browser to organize all the data in your project. Free your workflow and your mind!

Instruments and FX:
If the sheer number of native instruments and effects isn’t enough for you, FL Studio supports all VST 1, 2, and 3 standards. VST provides access to the widest range of third-party plugins. You can even use FL Studio itself as a VST plugin in another VST host. Vector interface:
Change the size and position of the user interface.

Recording and editing automation:
Real-time control motion recording and editing.

VST/ReWire support:
Use FL Studio as a VST plugin or with ReeWire.

Designed for touch control.

Live DJ control:
Powerful live performance capabilities, clip trigger.

Extended help system:
Context-sensitive guidance (press F1).

MIDI Learn:
Powerful MIDI controller linking capabilities.

Visualizer effects plugin:
Render 4K video directly from FL Studio.


What’s new in 21.2.2

Piano scripting: added form method – SetText.
FL Studio Mobile has been updated to version 4.4.
FLEX – sample-based presets load much faster

Corrections (general)

9989 Failure while parsing text strings
11471 Sawer: Matrix speed mappings are remembered after plugin reload
12025 Wave Traveler: Envelopes scramble after copying one note to another
12108 Crash when sending sysex message from VST plugin to host
15352 Drumaxx: pad rename popup does not appear
16072 When resetting a preset file on the Plugin Database tab of the browser, it switches to the ALL tab
16534 GMS: Unable to select AMP Decay from dropdown menus as destination
16547 Sawer: graphical problem after clicking on the options button
16695 Uploading to Soundcloud does not work after export
16696 The playlist track name and color do not match when selecting an audio track
16704 Canceling a drop operation from Windows Explorer may close the focused window
16713 No cancellation for imported MIDI data when dumping MIDI files to channel rack
16714 Channel rack filter for an audio clip changes when its sample is removed
16719 Crash when closing FL Studio during playback
16732 The menu of favorite plugins is not updated when closing the Plugin Manager
16738 Looping through mastered audio variants does not work if only link B is selected
16739 When opening a project with a replaced sampler channel, the missing samples window appears
16740 Visual glitches in the playlist when recording audio if there are no empty mixer tracks
16741 Image related error messages are shown from random threads
16742 Pressing F1 in the mastering window opens the wrong help page
16744 Using ‘Render minimized’ after editing SoundCloud connection properties minimizes the program
16745 Harmor: graphical glitch when scaling at 150%
16746 Clicking on a pattern clip does not select it in the selection panel
16751 Overwriting plugin presets creates backup copies of presets in the project backup folder
16754 Volume preset for mastering is not saved
16755 Plugin Manager: Buttons on the Plugin Info tab are hidden if the level is not high enough
16756 Wave Traveler: Piano keyboard does not display correctly if scaling is not 100%
16757 Crash when reading browser cache
16758 Notes are inserted into the previous position of the song after using Ctrl+Enter
16760 For samples used in a project, an unused content window is sometimes displayed
16763 The Skip button in the project save window is not always displayed
16766 Channel selection failure
16767 Clicking the Locate button opens a browser for additional functions
16769 FLEX: Presets are shown in the Free tab when there are no packages in it
16770 FLEX: error when selecting presets on the Free and Store tabs
16772 Sounds tab content is not displayed when FL Studio is opened with the browser hidden
16777 Piano roll scripting: pressing Return does not accept changes in the window
16779 Crash when closing the mastering window during rendering
16783 Saving browser cache on exit slows down program closing
16788 Crash when canceling the MIDI import window
16793 Clicking on an empty pattern clip does not select it in the Pickers panel if it is not already shown
16794 Changes to the list of search paths in file settings are not saved
16795 Empty search paths in file settings are saved in the browser cache
16797 Error ‘Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window’ when closing FL Studio
16798 Transistor Bass: Gate length does not have a popup menu
16800 Loading a sample onto a playlist track while holding SHIFT shows the channel settings window
16802 Audio clips loaded from FL Sounds do not always work with project folders
16803 ‘Loading’ prompt appears when changing pre-calculated FX parameters
16806 Diagnostics: report shows ‘No diagnostics info’
16808 Directwave: Mouse cursor selects zones when mouse button is raised after opening soundfont file
16809 ZGE Visualizer: error loading ZgeNano
16814 Crash when opening the More plugin window
16819 Adding a mixer track separator does not add an undo entry for it
16820 Crash when searching for samples in the browser
16823 Resetting channel presets to the FL Studio background changes the default project path
16824 Browser cache is updated too frequently
16825 ZGE Visualizer: webcam support does not work
16831 Temporary file is not deleted after dragging a file from FL Cloud
16834 Re-adding an audio track does not restore its name
16835 Unable to find samples recently downloaded from FL Cloud
16843 Failure to load a project containing a sequence One version of Rob Papen Quad VST3
16848 Mastering does not work if the file name contains an invalid character
16851 Notes are inserted into the previous song position after using the Home key
16857 Browser search crashed
16858 Failure to write to a file in a folder with a very long name
16859 Mastering does not replace existing files
16861 Sample preview delay in browser
16871 ZGE renderer: hangs when using ‘Add URL’
16876 Preview of samples in the browser cannot be restarted from the mouse position 16887
The Sounds tab in the browser does not display correctly if it is not open when changing the theme

Features of RePack

General information:
Type: installation.
Languages: en, de, es, zh.
Activation: WD patch.
Additionally: themes.
Command line options:
Silent installation: /S
For example: FL Studio v21.2.2 [3914].exe /S

Installation Features :

1. Install FL.Studio.v21.2.2.3914.exe

2. Install
a) Edison Declipper Windows.exe
b) FL Cloud mastering Windows.exe
c) Stem extractor Windows.exe

3. Install FLEX Extensions v230808.exe

FLEX Extensions:
Drumful Treasure
Essential Bass Guitars
Essential Guitars
Essential Pianos
Essential Strings
Essential Winds
General Midi Library
Histibe Electronica
Olbaid Bass Utopia
Olbaid Compendium
Saif Sameer Synthwave
SeamlessR Monsters
Sense Gemini Magnificence
SH-1 Floor Shakers
SH-1 Jump Up Repertoire

27 thoughts on “Image-Line – FL Studio Producer Edition v21.2.2 Build 3914 + All Plugins Edition + FLEX Extensions – RePack [WiN x64]

  1. monesh

    the sounds tab cannot download the sounds, asks for login, any fix for that?

  2. Hallow

    There is no way to fix that because it requires you to have an FL Cloud account and subscription. Just hide the tab if you dont wanna see it.

    Below is from people testing the release

    FL Cloud (Sounds) will not work because… To do this, you need an account on IL and a separately purchased subscription to this FL Cloud.
    I think there is no need to explain what will happen to your account and purchased subscription when IL is calculated, and they figure out that you are using pirated FL.

  3. Hallow

    I’ve tested the AI Mastering, Stem Separator, De clipper, all of the Flex Banks, and stock plugins. Everything is working properly!

  4. X

    Lad be greatful we got this. They can’t get the cloud ofc cause it’s connected to IL network

  5. tayu

    how to fix “This feature needs to be downloaded before it can be used.”?

  6. Hallow

    Install all the addons in the folder named Addons and you shouldn’t get that error………

  7. Hallow

    To fix the issue COMPLETELY re install FL Studio.

    After running the uninstaller also delete all left over files in…

    Documents – Image Line

    Local C Disk – Program Files – Image Line

    Restart your PC

    Turn off your Antivirus and then follow the Install Instructions

    1. Install FL.Studio.v21.2.2.3914.exe

    2. Install
    a) Edison Declipper Windows.exe
    b) FL Cloud mastering Windows.exe
    c) Stem extractor Windows.exe

    3. Install FLEX Extensions v230808.exe

  8. Master Nayeem

    need midi wizard 2.0
    unison sound doctor
    need unison bass dragon
    unison zen master

    1. Admin Post author

      just install torrent software and click big orange button download

  9. Soul Von Grimm

    I was not able even to use the crack, always get the trial version :c

  10. Ghost

    If you have trouble with the add-ons [Edison Declipper;FL Cloud mastering & Stem extractor], it’s because you might have set a deferent User data folder

    If you know where your “User data folder” is then copy the add-on files to the User data folder

    If you don’t know your “User data folder” you find it under: OPTIONS > File settings> User data folder

  11. nece

    Is it possible to find and add on your page a plugin called Mugent Player. It is amazing plugin. please do it.

  12. klevis

    why in the stem saparator it shows me you need to downloaded i already downloaded

  13. Hallow

    Wouldn’t recommend it, because doing that would undo one of the things this Crack does, which is essentially block Image Line from your Firewall so th serves can communicate with the DAW and do security checks. If you have a subscription, you won’t be able to use it with the Crack as you’d need to unblock FL from your firewall. It may work for a little bit, but eventually you’ll go back into trial mode, and your account could be banned permanently.

  14. Hallow

    Because mastering is an optional downloaded feature which doesn’t require internet connection to work, while the “sounds” are used online. The whole gimmic of using sounds tab and paying every month is so you don’t have to waste space and download the sounds.

  15. Hallow

    Do a complete reinstall. Delete the reg keys, and settings. Also delete any left over files in your

    Documents > Image Line


    Local Disk C: > Progam Files > Image Line


  16. Rawip

    To remove the trial delete the Internet folders from

    Documents\Imagine-Line\FL Studio\Settings

    C:\Program Files\Imagine-Line\FL Studio 21\System

    Delete the Internet folders
    (Suggested by Katerpilla)

    Thanks Admin

  17. Konk

    There is no Reg key or Patch file provided with this release. Why do the nfo instructions refer to them if they don’t even exist? Also a comment here mentions them. But where are they?


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