e-Lab – Ballistix (WAV)

By | November 20, 2016



Brand new and ready to roll, Ballistix is slammed full of phat, phunky, uptempo nu school breaks and chemically treated music loops & phrases. Simply put, this is a deadly weapon for creating pure funk in any sterile clubtrack.

One audio CD, plus you get every single sound, with an additional 750 loops & samples on the revolutionary Tc WAV CD-ROM! 500+ uptempo phunk driven drum loops and loop elements, 300 music, bass & fx loops crammed with both depth and fierce attitude!

In total you’ll get over 630 Mb of sounds, all adding up to a massive 1700+ loops and samples, all intelligently grouped into three different categories:


* a massive folder of extended super cool breaks each with 6 different variations and fills . But things do not stop just with that; also provided are the separate elements in every break: the kickdrum loop, snaredrum loop, hihat loop, etc.

* all included to help you mix, eq & compress the elements to fit you personally. Of course you also get all the separate drum samples (Kicks, Snare, Hihat etc.) from every break.


* an insane mix of hardcore music & bass loops, fx & turntable loops. A must have to create the hardness, groove and / or inspiration in building your next dancefloor smash.


* an easy find selection of 3 folders of the best drum samples (Kick, Snare & Hihats samples) for building your own breaks. Everything has been matched to precise BPMs, cut to an exact number of bars and acidized -making all loops compatible and creatively more useful in trying to build the perfect break.


Ballistic Breaks
ChemicalTreats and MusicLoops
PhatBoy DrumTools


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