By | July 10, 2024


Publisher: Dark Force Audio
Website: Subversion
Format: KONTAKT (6.7.1+)
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Atmospheric Fills The Subversion library was designed to be easy to use and sound amazing right out of the box.
It’s full of dark, grinding, intense, wild and sometimes sparkling textures and pads, along with powerful brams, dramatic choir pads, guitars, bells, booms, hits, pulses and much more.
We have recorded a wide variety of organic and synthetic sound sources for Subversion, which are combined into multi-layered instruments. Each layered instrument presents an exciting sonic palette that will take you on a new journey. Initially, there are 83 nki instruments – any of them can set the atmosphere for an entire memorable soundscape.

Instrument categories:

  • ATMOS are mostly non-tonal instruments with varied textures that soar, chase, growl, ring, brood and sparkle.
  • PADs are usually tonal textures with a different sound design that can be played like musical instruments.
  • BRAAM – Braam’s pink keys sound soft and monotonous, but when you lift the modulation wheel, things get crazy.
  • CHOIR – Ambient large choir combined with sound design creates a stunning environment.
  • GUITAR are soft plucked guitar instruments that use drones and brams for depth and drama.
  • BELLS – We recorded several bells with single strikes and repetitive ringing techniques.
  • CELLO is an unconventional cello that uses a multi-bow technique.
  • TOOLBOX – patches that isolate different types of drum sounds for quick access. Don’t miss the FX menu!
  • ELEMENTS – highlight a specific solo musical instrument using unconventional playing techniques.

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