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By | February 27, 2017

Tension: Orchestral FX & Elements is a large collection of short ensemble and section phrases and percussion one-shots composed, orchestrated and conducted by “Beethoven-Award” winner Kostas Varotsis. Tension is the perfect resource for quickly adding that orchestral flare you are looking for in your next cinematic score. Recorded with a large 76-piece orchestra, Tension is jam packed with orchestral gems like runs, stabs, rips, bends, flutters, risers, clusters, and a whole lot more. In total, you’ll find 100 patches filled with endless inspiration.

For example, when opening the strings clusters patch you won’t just find one or two samples, but multiple variations of string section clusters all across the keyboard. In addition, a large collection of percussion one-shots have been included to round out this collection.

Tension has been formatted for Kontakt 5, MachV 3, EXS24, and Reason 7. The patches are organized in six main categories: Orchestral Sections, Combinations, Tutti, Cues, Bends, and Reverses. In addition, the kontakt version also has a bonus section of “merged instruments” as well as over 30 multis combining various effects to create an even larger palette of unique and inspirational content.

If you are ready to bring your orchestral and cinematic scores to the new heights, Tension: Orchestral FX & Elements is where it’s at!


01. Orchestral Sections
• 01 Woodwinds
• WW Clusters Mapped
• WW Flute + Clarinet Runs
• WW Flute Flutter-Tongue
• WW Grace Notes
• WW Random A+B
• WW Trills
• 02 Brass
• BRS + WW Clusters mapped
• BRS Horn Rips
• BRS Random
• BRS Trills
• BRS Trombone Glissando
• 03 Strings
• STR Cbs-Vcs Low Sustain
• STR Cbs-Vcs Low Tremolo
• STR Chords (VL)
• STR Chords Chromatic
• STR Chords in C
• STR Clusters
• STR Grace Notes
• STR Random Col Legno
• STR Random Pizz
• STR Random Staccato
• STR Risers 01 Long
• STR Risers 02 Medium+Short
• STR Special FX
• STR Tremolo Chords (VL)
• STR Tremolo Chords Chromati
• STR Tremolo Chords in C
• STR Trills HT
• STR Trills WT
• STR Violin Chords High Sust
• STR Violin Chords High Trem
• STR Violin Runs
• 04 Percussion
• Percussion A – Orchestral
• PRC Gran Cassa
• PRC Piatti
• PRC Timpani Hard Hits
• PRC Timpani Hard Rolls
• PRC Timpani Medium
• PRC Timpani Soft
• PRC Timpani Upbeats
• PRC Timpani Wood
• Percussion B – Cymbal, Snare, Tom
• PRC Cymbal A
• PRC Cymbal B
• PRC Cymbal C
• PRC Cymbal-on-Tom
• PRC Floor Tom Hits
• PRC Floor Tom Rolls
• PRC Sizzle Cymbal
• PRC Snare Hits
• PRC Snare Piccolo Upbeats
• PRC Snare Rolls & Upbeats
• PRC Snareless Hits
• Percussion C – Miscellaneous
• PRC Antique Cymbals
• PRC Bedir
• PRC Chimes-Metal
• PRC Chimes-Mussels
• PRC Hand Drum FX
• PRC Rainstick
• PRC Tambourin Rolls
• PRC Tibetan Small Cymbals
• PRC Triangle
02. Combinations
• BRS + WW Clusters COMBI Med
• BRS + WW Clusters COMBI Sho
• BRS Random COMBI
• BRS Trills COMBI
• BRS Trombone Glissando COMB
• STR Clusters COMBI Medium
• STR Clusters COMBI Short
• STR Random Col Legno COMBI
• STR Random Pizz. COMBI
• STR Random Staccato COMBI
• STR Risers COMBI
• STR Trills COMBI
• WW Random COMBI
• WW Trills COMBI
03. Tutti
• Orchestra Stabs
• STR + Trombone Glissando Sh
• STR + WW Grace Short
• STR + WW Runs Short
• STR Special FX Medium
• Tutti Clusters Medium
• Tutti Random Medium
• Tutti Trills Medium
• WW Trills COMBI
04. Cues
05. Bend
• BRS + WW Clusters Up+Down
• STR Clusters Bend Down
• STR Clusters Bend Up
06. Reverse
• BRS + WW Clusters Reverse
• STR Clusters Reverse
• STR Risers 01 Long Reverse
• STR Risers 02 Medium+Short
• STR Special FX Reverse

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