Best Service – Festa Latina Vol.1 – Drums & Percussion (WAV)

By | November 23, 2016



Each Festa Latina Volume in the series includes one Audio CD and one .WAV CD-ROM of the same material (for the price of single Audio CD!). Fast arranging is possible in WAV-format with your sequencer. Volume 1 offers authentic drum and percussion grooves from Latin America (studio takes)

Styles on this CD include:

  • * Baion
  • * Bomba
  • * Candombe
  • * Merengue
  • * Murga
  • * binary polyrhythms
  • * Salsa – different rhythms from: Son Montuno, Mambo, Guajira, Guaguanco, Cha-Cha-Cha, Guaracha, Mozambique
  • * Samba – different rhythms from: Bossa Nova, Samba-Reggae, Samba-Batucada, Samba-Partido Alto, Samba-Pop
  • * Ternary Library – different rhythms from: Rumba Columbia, Bembe, Chacarera, Chamame
  • * ST-Loops
  • * Drum Breaks
  • * Single Hits

Each volume in the series is a stand alone product, but is also designed to be combined with the instruments of Vol.2 and Vol.3.

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