Arturia – V Collection X v10.0.0 – R2R (STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | December 20, 2023


Year/Date of Issue: 12/13/2023
Version: 10.0.0
Developer: Arturia
Developer website: Arturia
Format: SAL, VST, VST3, AAX
Bit depth: 64bit
Tablet: present (R2R)
System requirements: Windows 10 or higher

A selection of software instruments including analog synthesizers, digital synthesizers, organs, acoustic pianos, electric pianos and string machines – recreations of the most iconic instruments of all time.
They are faithfully reproduced using exclusive analogue and physical modeling technology for unprecedented realism, and are enhanced,
to allow a deeper exploration of sound that goes far beyond their ancestors.
These virtual instruments can be used alone or in your DAW of choice, and are designed to work seamlessly with your favorite MIDI controllers.
V Collection X gives you the iconic, professional and inspiring sounds you need for performance, production and sound design.

What’s included in V Collection X:

Acid V (new)
Analog Lab V
ARP 2600 V
Augmented Brass (new)
Augmented Grand Piano (new)
Augmented Strings
Augmented Voices
Augmented Woodwinds (new)
B-3 V
Buchla Easel V
Clavinet V
CP-70 V (new)
CS-80 V
Emulator II V
Farfisa V
Jun-6 V
Jup-8 V
Korg MS-20 V
Matrix-12 V
Mellotron V
Mini V (revised)
Minifreak V (new)
Modular V
Piano V
Prophet-5 V
Prophet-VS V
Solina V
SQ80 V
Stage-73 V
Synclavier V
Synthi V
Vocoder V
VOX Continental V
Wurli V (revised)

R2R Note :
In our release,
– Un/Installer does not kill presets.
– Compatible with other legit Arturia installers.
– Legit ASC installation will not be affected, and does not affect to R2R Arturia releases.
Keep your computer clean

Installation :

1. Install Setup ASCEMU2 v1.1.0.exe
2. Install Setup V Collection X v10.0.0.exe


17 thoughts on “Arturia – V Collection X v10.0.0 – R2R (STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX) [WiN x64]

  1. Mofam

    Hi Mike!
    If your plugins aren’t seeing the presets, you must delete db.db3 file in C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets and restart your DAW and plugins.
    They should pop up after!

  2. Dan

    Hello Mofam,
    for me same problem if i delete db.db3 when restart the DAW get
    Error 02: Failed to launch Arturia Software Center agent

  3. Wayne

    Hi guys

    I get the following error when trying to install

    “An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file: Deletefile failed; code 5
    Access denied”

    Any suggestions?

  4. Mafeesh

    Piano 3 and the augmented piano modules do not work
    “This VST plugin could not be opened”


    I can’t see the presets, there is no db.db3 in the folder. In fact, there is no preset folder in the designated path.

  6. Kumarhey

    I chose a different directory but it installs in C for some unknown reason?!

  7. Kumarhey

    Just installed it. Works like a charm.

    The only downside of this app is – and this a huge problem for me – I got only 14 gb of space left in C drive (where windows os is installed) after installing this. I had selected F drive with the installer, and still the library got installed in C drive. I tried all other drives – D, E and G, but the installer installs it only in C drive for some weird unknown reason. Is the installer corrupt? Please check Sir. For now I am having to remove the files from C drive because I dont want that drive to be needing of space. Hopefully this issue gets resolved.


    Just like Mofam says and i quote “Hi Mike!
    If your plugins aren’t seeing the presets, you must delete db.db3 file in C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets and restart your DAW and plugins.
    They should pop up after!” I just did this and now it works fine.

  9. Good

    Hello, is it possible to move the folder containing the sound banks and presets to another hard drive?
    If so, what files need to be moved and where is it located.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Koba

    hi guys, when I like preset, it doesn’t show up in the “Liked presets” list. Also, the colour circle category tag function doesn’t work and I cannot save new preset. Any advise will be appreciated.

  11. T, Baby

    If I already have an older version of V-Collection installed, will this mess up all of my old projects that use V-Collection?

  12. Loe

    would like to know this as well! I don’t want everything on my C


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