Arturia – Presets Canada Board Tribute (SYNTH PRESET)

By | July 7, 2024


Publisher: Arturia
Website: Arturia
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo
System Requirements: Analog Lab / CMI V

Description: Explore the mysterious soundscapes of one of the most immersive yet influential acts in the industry.

Additional Information :
Explore the mysterious sonic landscapes of one of the industry’s most exclusive, yet influential acts. Mysterious paragons of widescreen electronica, cinematic ambient music, and unsettling IDM, Boards of Canada have helped define, and redefine their genres. The Scottish brothers’ use of vintage and analog gear and recording techniques make their work a truly unique sensory experience, and make them sounds the perfect candidate for homage thanks to the amazing power of Arturia’s CMI V. Thanks to the sound designing chops of Matt Pike , you can dive into some of the Boards of Canada’s most defining sounds from the likes of “Chromakey Dreamcoat”, “Everything You Do Is A Balloon”, and “Dayvan Cowboy”. Canada Board Tribute features 32 amazing lead, bass, keys, organ, pad, percussion, strings, and effects presets, all with their own distinct “BoC” flavor, and brought to life thanks to the incredibly versatile CMI V’s retro sampling engine. For those that want to have that ephemeral, other-worldly sound at their fingertips, there is really no other soundbank like Canada Board Tribute out there. Unnerving yet comforting, familiar yet alien.
32 presets for Analog Lab / CMI V

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