Articulated Sounds – Magic Elements v.1 (WAV)

By | March 18, 2023


Publisher : Articulated Sounds
Website : articulatedsounds
Format : WAV
Quality : 24 bit 96 kHz stereo

Description : Magic Elements is a detailed collection of engineered and sourced sounds of organic elements, elements, actions, characters, items, spells and atmospheres in the realm of magic.
Each element of the collection contains many spells, actions / movements such as whistle, strikes, atmosphere, as well as many variations of intensity and speed. All of these sounds are carefully crafted, edited and labelled. The “generic” category contains neutral sounds that can be used in any project.
The source folder contains a lot of useful files to support your creativity with sounds like choirs, discordant metal, creatures, paper, trash, drones, cracks, textures, friction, etc.

Content :
• Format: (.WAVs)
• Number Of Files: 770 Wave (.WAVs) Files
• Channels: 2 (Stereo Interleaved)
• Bit Rate: 24-Bit
• Sample Rate: 96KHz
• Total Size (Unpacked): 3.51 GB
• Total Duration: 1:38:33
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible

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