Arman Mkhitaryan – Library Bundle (WAV, AIFF, NKI)

By | December 4, 2023


Publisher: Arman Mkhitaryan
Format: WAV, AIFF, NKI
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo


10 libraries in multi-format from Arman Mkhitaryan.

In distribution:
Arman Mkhitaryan African Djembe KONTAKT
A small instrument for Kontakt called the African Djembe – a drum played with the hands.
Arman Mkhitaryan Strum Ukulele WAV AiFF
Let’s add some fun sunshine to your music. This small package is for island/hawaii/pop music producers.
Arman Mkhitaryan Soft Piano KONTAKT

Why Soft Piano?
Because the device has a very sweet and soft sound! We could get this sound using HQ microphones, piano and Kontakt effects so you know what to expect before you use it. Listen to the demo songs “two great songs of Rachmaninoff”.
Arman Mkhitaryan Royal Grand KONTAKT
Royal Grand Piano is an exceptional instrument from Mkhitaryan. The legendary Grand Piano software, its structural transparency, balanced register, and poetic and original style, are the definitive characteristics of this studio piano.
Arman Mkhitaryan Orchestral Drums WAV AiFF
We open the orchestral series and the first part of The Drums. The package contains HQ one-shot samples of bass drums, snare drums and timpani!
Arman Mkhitaryan Club Drums MULTiFORMAT
These are simple club drums for Kontakt that let you completely fill out your music. The package contains Kontakt instrument + one-shots in 2 formats 24Bit Wav and Apple Loops (AIFF). Here you will find 20 kicks, 20 hi-hats and 20 snares.
Arman Mkhitaryan Ballad Drums WAV AiFF
Pack contains 60 high quality drum loops for Jazz, Funky, Pop, Metal, Rolls, Ballad, Rock/Blues styles.
Arman Mkhitaryan DendySessions KONTAKT
We remember and love our old school. Sounds from Dendy games remind us of the best years of our lives, so let’s do it ourselves today! We are pleased to present this free package that includes 5 Kontakt instruments and HQ samples. Here you will find the most important tools that we have created for you. These include Piano, Drums, Flute, Orchestra, and Pads!
Arman Mkhitaryan Brush Snare MULTiFORMAT
This little package includes 5 snare drums recorded in your home studio! It includes one NKI instrument and HQ samples in two formats: Wav and AIFF (Apple Loops). + 20 Bonus sound effects for your tracks!
Arman Mkhitaryan CoSynth KONTAKT
CoSynth is a great addition to our Club Drum! So here he is. Complete tool for Kontakt. Hiqh Quality Desert sounds allow you to add some action to your club music. A synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument that is capable of producing a wide range of sounds.

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