Antares – Auto-Tune Unlimited – CE-V.R (VST3, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | January 25, 2024


Year/Date of Release : 01/20/2024
Version : 2024.01
Developer : Antares
Developer website : Antares
Format : VST3, AAX Bit
depth : 64bit
Tablet : cured [CE-VR]
System requirements : Win 10+

Description :
Auto-Tune Unlimited
is a complete set tools needed to make any vocal performance perfect.
Take your music to the next level and start creating vocals without limits.


Auto-Tune Pro
Auto-Tune Pro X is the most advanced version of automatic tuning ever created.
It includes a redesigned graphics mode for detailed pitch and timing editing,
Auto mode for real-time correction, runs natively on Apple Silicon and has ARA2 support for Logic, Cubase/Nuendo and Studio One.

Auto-Tune EFX+ 10
Auto-Tune EFX+ 10 combines the core features of Auto-Tune with a powerful modular multi-effects rack, the EFX.picAuto-Tune Vocal Compressor
New auto-tuning vocal compressor based on machine learning
performer presets and experiments, is the ultimate vocal compression system.

Auto-Tune Vocal EQ
Auto-Tune Pro X is the most advanced version of automatic tuning ever created.
Designed specifically for vocals, Auto-Tune Vocal EQ highlights and accentuates precise frequencies,
to make vocals sound smoother and brighter in the mix.

Auto-Tune Slice
A hybrid of a precision sampler and a flexible synthesizer, Auto-Tune Slice is more than just a sampler.
This is a dimension of infinite musical expression where you can play voices like instruments
and turn endless samples into songs.

Auto-Tune Vocodist
Immediately recognizable, always unforgettable. Create the unmistakable effect that made Daft Punk dancefloor fans famous,
electro music pioneers Kraftwerk, 70s rock classics ELO and many others.

Auto-Key 2
Auto-Key 2 is a plugin for automatic detection of keys and scale,
designed to improve your auto-tuning workflow and save valuable time in the studio.

Vocal Reverb
Vocal Reverb is a versatile plugin with powerful A.I. technology. Assist, automatic equalizer,
three reverb algorithms, ten pre/post effects and two types of delay.

Articulator is a modern digital version of the classic talk box, made famous by artists such as
like Peter Frampton, Zapp and Bon Jovi. Ideal for talking guitars, singing synths and a wide range of special effects.

Aspire is the world’s first tool for changing the breathiness of a voice, regardless of its harmonic content.
With Aspire, you can match your vocal quality to your performance style,
reducing or increasing the natural breathiness of the voice.

Choir is a unique vocal processor that turns one monophonic voice into a lush choir of 4, 8, 16 or 32 individual unison voices,
each with its own pitch, timing and vibrato variations.

Duo is the easiest way to enhance vocals with realistic doubled vocals automatically generated from an existing vocal track.

Harmony Engine
Harmony Engine is a plugin for generating harmony in real time,
which allows you to create professional-quality harmonic arrangements from a single vocal or monophonic instrument track.

Mic Mod
Mic Mod is a microphone modeling tool that makes your microphones sound the way you wish you had them.

Mutator provides a combination of sound design tools to create unusual and otherworldly voices.

Give your vocals more dynamics to cut through the mix.

Fix broken vocals, salvage β€œunusable” audio, and enhance timbre in any project with the click of a button.

With Sybil, everything you need to control vocal hisses is right at your fingertips.

Create vocal quality with a custom human vocal tract model.

Nothing warms up a vocal track (or just about any track) like recording with a high-quality analog tube preamp.


Contents Auto-Tune Unlimited :
Auto-Key v2.0.0
Auto-Tune EFX+ v10.0.1
Auto-Tune Pro v10.3.1
Auto-Tune Slice v1.2.0
Auto-Tune SoundSoap v6.0.0
Auto-Tune Vocal Compressor v1.0.1
Auto-Tune Vocal EQ v1.0.0
Auto-Tune Vocodist v1.1.0
AVOX DUO v4.3.0
AVOX WARM v4.3.0
Harmony Engine v4.3.0
Mic Mod v4.3.0
Vocal Reverb v1.0.0

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