Sample Logic – Trailer Xpressions (KONTAKT)

By | August 6, 2022


Publisher: Sample Logic
Website: Sample Logic
Format: KONTAKT 5.6.8+
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : TRAILER XPRESSIONS offers a new approach to sound design in cinematography. Designed for Native Instruments Kontakt’s sampler, TRAILER XPRESSIONS contains over 1000 sampled sounds, each meticulously programmed for 26 instruments and organized into pre-made kits, making it easy to find the perfect sound for your trailer or movie track and consists of tense atmospheres, drones, build-ups , sharp beats, transitions, reverses and various sound effects.
VIRTUAL INSTRUMENT + SOUND FILES = 2 AMAZING PARTS! Most trailer sound element and trailer album products require each sound to be licensed for use and only available as an audio library. With TRAILER XPRESSIONS, our goal was to simplify the creative process by providing the best royalty free audio library and dynamic virtual instrument. When you purchase a product, you have a lifetime license to use it and all of its contents without any royalties. Our primary focus is delivering a world-class product that delivers amazing trailer sounds with the flexibility to easily handle any workflow. The tool has a user interface designed for morphing and shaping sounds, but also provides direct access to over 1000 WAV audio files that can be directly imported into any DAW. Each sound file name is listed right inside the instrument, so you can easily see a link to the location of the sound file in the samples folder when playing.
INTERFACE: Through in-depth research and lengthy discussions with leading trailer and film composers, Sample Logic was able to decode, define, and implement a core set of controls. These include: mastering pass filters that easily shape the overall sound picture, real-time waveform display with a customizable sample start slider to edit the initial part of the playback. Move the attack and release sliders to adjust the envelope of the sound over time. The pitch slider can be moved up and down by 1 octave. Delay module with multiple presets. The user interface also contains the very important convolution reverb section.
In addition to these amazing effects and parameters, Sample Logic has specially developed its own mastering effects for TRAILER XPRESSIONS called Energizer and Polisher – multi-processor effects for dynamic and dramatic sound shaping. The Energizer adds edge to the sounds, while the Polisher adds that final sparkle. All of these global controls can be easily assigned to a slider, knob or midi control wheel and are an integral part of the user interface.

Categories of sounds :
Alarms – Sirens (tempo synced)
Processed Percussion
Pulses (tempo synced)
Reverse (tempo synced)
Woosh Bangs

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