AIR Music Tech – DB-33 1.2.7 VSTi x86 x64

By | May 1, 2016

  There are very few truly unique instrumental sounds in the world of music. Sounds so distinct, so compelling, so immediately identifiable and genuine that you just have to have it. Nothing else will do. “Close” won’t do. “Almost” won’t cut it. “Approximately” will instantly brand you as a shallow imposter. One of these really great, unmistakable instrumental… Read More »

Cakewalk – Z3TA+ STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, x86 x64, Banks Collection (+NO INSTALL)

By | April 30, 2016

Z3TA+ 2: The Ultimate Waveshaping Synth Z3TA+2 is designed to suit any and all of your electronic productions. From pop to trap, energetic to atmospheric, you’ll have the sounds you need at your fingertips. Ultimate waveshaping control with dozens of sonic tools Intuitive and graphically responsive interface 2,000+ professionally crafted presets Built-in fully customizable studio quality FX. Waveshaping… Read More »

AIR Music Tech – Vacuum Pro 1.0.7 VSTi, AAX x86 x64

By | April 30, 2016

  Vacuum Pro – Polyphonic Analog Tube Synthesizer The “vacuum” part of the name Vacuum Pro relates to the six tube circuits that lend a particularly analog flavor to each of the main synthesis modules—oscillators, filters, mixer, etc. Vacuum Pro provides a modern, idealized vision of the versatility and potential of analog synthesis, rather than attempting to isolate… Read More »

UJAM – Virtual Guitarist IRON 1.0.1 VSTi x86 x64

By | April 30, 2016

  Virtual Guitarist brought realistic-sounding rhythm guitar tracks to computer-based musicians worldwide. Now the core team behind the original Virtual Guitarist has re-united to build a new generation of virtual instruments that don’t rest on the success of the past, but continue innovating with vastly increased realism, flexibility and sound quality, thanks to an entirely new technology and… Read More »

AIR Music Tech – the RISER 1.0.7 VSTi, AAX x86 x64

By | April 30, 2016

  The Riser is an all-new instrument for designing musical transitions of epic proportions. A powerful, synth-based instrument, The Riser features all of the tools you need to compose heart-stopping transitions in one intuitive user-interface. In seconds, you can construct rises, falls, swells, fades, and more, based on our coveted sound synthesis technology. For instant inspiration, The Riser… Read More »

Native Instruments – Kontakt 5 5.5.2 VSTi, AAX x86 x64 FULL + UPDATE

By | April 30, 2016

Native Instruments Kontakt 5 (better known as Kontakt 5) is the leader and the world’s most powerful sampler for music production and computer-based DJing. Kontakt works in standalone software and synthesizer compatible application plug-ins, supporting VST, DirectConnect, Core Audio, MAS or FreeMIDI formats, and many more. Kontakt 5 comes with a huge instrument library, an instrument bus system,… Read More »

Native Instruments – Scarbee Pre-Bass Amped: Timeless Electric Bass (KONTAKT)

By | April 30, 2016

  SCARBEE PRE-BASS AMPED is a faithfully sampled Fender® Precision bass recorded through four different amplifiers for incredibly authentic bottom end. Created by accomplished bassist and producer Thomas Hansen Skarbye, this instrument is based on the renowned Scarbee Blue Bass. Scarbee Pre-Bass Amped expands on the already available Pre-Bass instrument by providing additional versions of the instrument recorded… Read More »

Best Service – Chris Hein Bass (KONTAKT)

By | April 30, 2016

  It took more than a year for Chris Hein to produce this outstanding collection of six exceptional noble bass instruments, sampled with all imaginable details that answer anyone’s wishes. A Musicman Stingray electric-bass picked & slapped, a LeFay fretless bass and a unique upright bass with three different sets of strings: steel-strings (the classic jazz sound), nylon-strings… Read More »

AKAI MPC 2000/5000 Kits (KONTAKT)

By | April 28, 2016

  Akai MPC 2000/5000 Kits for Kontakt (395.9 MB) Introducing MPC 5000: the most advanced MPC ever. MPCs are the unquestioned standard in studio and live beat and track production, mixing expressive pressure and velocity-sensitive pads, a comprehensive compliment of assignable tactile controls, and powerful sequencing, sampling and effects. MPC5000 takes the MPC even further with over 100… Read More »

Native Instruments – Abbey Road: 70s Drummer (KONTAKT)

By | April 28, 2016

  ABBEY ROAD | 70s DRUMMER brings classic drums to life, combining flawless sound with the powerful framework of STUDIO DRUMMER. Capture the decade’s definitive sounds – from dry, up-close precision to heavy rock bombardment. Two vintage kits, exquisitely recorded using period equipment and techniques at Abbey Road Studios. Plus your very own session drummer in the form… Read More »

Scarbee – Red Bass 1.0.3 (KONTAKT, NKI, NKM, WAV)

By | April 26, 2016

  Red Bass a sample library made for N.I. Kontakt. Scarbee Red Bass is built on the samples of J-Slap’n Fingered, but has been reprogrammed to take advantage of our highly advanced scripting technology originally developed for Black Bass. Three pick-up settings: Bridge, Both and Neck have all been recorded in both a fingered and slapped version—without the… Read More »

Garritan – Gofriller Solo Cello 3.02 (KONTAKT)

By | April 26, 2016

  Gofriller Solo Cello is a Kontakt Player 2 based virtual instrument created by the Italian team of Giorgio Tommasini and Stefano Lucato in collaboration with Gary Garritan. Gofriller Cellos (made nearly three hundred years ago) are among the finest cellos ever made and are known for the rich and beautiful tone. Thanks to the exclusive “Sonic Morphing”… Read More »

Native Instruments – Vienna Concert Grand 1.4.0 (KONTAKT, NKI, NKX, NICNT)

By | April 25, 2016

The VIENNA CONCERT GRAND reproduces in the finest detail the sound of the legendary Viennese piano. Adapted from Native Instruments legendary AKOUSTIK PIANO software and featuring high-quality recording of ten velocity layers per key this KONTAKT instrument produces a sound indistinguishable from the original for expression and authenticity. Native Instruments’ groundbreaking Sample Engine with Layer Morphing Technology allow… Read More »

Prominy – SR5 Rock Bass 1.01 (kontakt)

By | April 21, 2016

Prominy SR5 Rock Bass 1.01 Kontakt | 8.3 GB The true sound of MusicMan® StingRay®5 includes over 15 Giga-bytes*, approx. 14,000 samples. SR5 Rock Bass enables you to compose and create natural bass guitar tracks that imitate real bass guitar playing! Main Features: – Incredible real-time playability – SR5 SPM (Super Performance Multi) – Fretboard Monitor – Auto… Read More »